July 19th, 2004

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DNC Bloggers: Q&A

Yesterday, two sets of questions were sent to two dozen credentialed Democratic National Convention bloggers. Below is the Q&A from Seattle based Natasha C with Pacific Views.

If you have additional questions for Natasha or other DNC bloggers, please post them in comments. Other online DNC Bloggers Q&A sessions will be available on the Fahrenheit 911 Blog. (f911filmblog)

F911 Questions:
>Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11?


>Thumbs Up/Down?

Loved it. As many have said, the second half worked better than the first, but throughout it showed a lot of things that in one fashion or another I should have already seen on the news.
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Seeking information about jewlers or craftsman

Hello Everyone,

A metal box my wife uses to store keepsakes was recently damaged by an exuberant kitten so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a local craftman or jeweler who could possibly repair it. The damage is limited to the metal hinges so all we need is some one to repair the hinges or replace them with something matching the style and age patina of the piece. Any recommendations would be appreciated as I was home alone when this happened and I don't think my wife completely believes me when I say it was the cat.
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call for submissions

Original Graphics/photos/Footage Needed for Hakea Video Performance

My band, Hakea, will have a live video performance at the Bellingham Electronic Music Festival on July 31, and we're putting a call out for original graphics or video footage to be included in the video performance.

If you have uber-cool graphics or footage you've created that you'd like to submit, shoot us an email and we'll figure out how to transfer it over either through FTP or CD. We're open to any type of footage you have.

If we use your stuff, you'll get mad love at the end of the show, and a drink from Hakea if you're there. The performance is on July 31, and we'd want any graphics or footage by the 23rd if possible.

Muchos lovos,


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Auto Glass Butler

Has anyone used this service before? *Auto Glass Butler 425.793.5898
We've used it for our company cars with success. Then they charged $900 to my credit card and have disappeared off the planet. Disconnected phone, web listing gone.

Anyone. And should I contact the BBB? Of course I should, but...is that my next step.

New Line dance for Seattle

"The Montlake Crawl." I'm thinking the Little Red Hen has been lacking this, and only this to become a prominent joint in the Northwest country scene.

Here's how this would work:
1) Turn off the air conditioning at the bar about an hour before hand.
2) Everybody stands no more than six inches from each other (all facing the same way) and does the locomotion in place. (Get it, we don't move!)
3) Whenever someone new wants to join the dance, they try to wedge in between two other dancers, and
4) Every so often, a person says "Honk!" and each person in front of them says "Honk" in turn.

I'm game if you are..

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The situation:

There is a Safeway and shopping center across the street and down a block from my house, on 41st Ave SW and Edmonds in West Seattle. The Safeway/shopping center refuses to let it's employees park in their provided parking lot. There is a sign posted that says "NO EMPLOYEE PARKING. WILL BE TOWED." So your average grochery store has a LOT of employees during the day. So where do they park? Along 41st, 42nd and 40th Ave, anywhere they can find a spot. Probably about 50 additonal cars trying to park. There is a paid lot below the Safeway and across the street at the Bank of America, but the employees never park there.

It's getting very frustraiting, when I leave to take my roommate to work and I come home and find NO parking remotely close to my house, sometimes up to a 3 block walk. Also, all of the cars leave between 4pm and 5pm, and when I go out to move my car back to my house, I've found needles and other drug paraphanelia where all the employee cars were.

This is an ongoing problem and only seems to be getting worse, especailly since I'm having a onset of medical problems and I really can't be making the walk for parking after my surgery.

So, I want to get my residental neigborhood zoned as a residential parking area. Who do I talk to? Where do I start?
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inFusion Tribal Belly Dance at The Vogu TONIGHT


inFusion will be performing at the FABulous "Dragin' You Out" variety show at The Vogue on Capitol Hill TONIGHT, Monday, July 19th.

There will be burlesque dancers, singers, drag queens, and yours truly--your tribal fusion belly dancing inFusionistas--jamming the night away. There is a small prize for the most popular act of the night. Come out and zaghareet madly!

Doors open at 8:30pm, show starts after 10pm. Cover is $7, 21 and over only. This promises to be a wildly fun night, and we hope to see you there!

-The gals of inFusion Tribal

Traffic cones

Anyone know where in Seattle (preferably on the east side, or Bothell, Lynwood, or up in Everett area) where one can rent or borrow two to four bright orange traffic cones for the weekend of July 31?