July 18th, 2004

July 2008
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I made the mistake of getting caught up in post-Bite-of-Seattle traffic around Seattle Center last night. A police car had blocked off a lane on northbound Fifth Avenue, and the cop was directing traffic to turn right at the intersection where the McDonald's is. Cars were not being directed to merge before the right turn, though, oddly.

The only other odd thing about this was the sight of a large, Winnebago-ish law enforcement vehicle pulling out from Seattle Center and driving away southbound on Fifth Avenue. It was white, except for flashing red-and-blue lights on its grille and some spooky lettering along its side: "Federal Protection Services, Department of Homeland Security."

Anyone know anything about it? Were they there simply for emergency preparedness, or were they actually responding to something?

seeking exploding honey-bucket video

Last week, five Bellevue high school kids blew up a "Honey Bucket" portable toilet as a joke, and were foolish enough to have videotaped the event and their involvement.


Does anyone have a copy of the video clip showing the spectacular honey-bucket explosion? (Or can you point me to it online?) A friend says it was all over the local news channels, but I can't find it online.


static cling!

Used Videogames

I'm looking for any type of store that sells used video games.  I'm looking for Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games.  I've looked at Gamestop (various locations) and a few pawn shops but want more!  Does anyone know any other store that sells these???

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hi, my partner and i really want to go out dancing (and we also love a bunch of authors), but they are 19, and we have no idea where we can go. i looked at memories but the relevant looking post was sadly out of date. thoughts??