July 16th, 2004

The Fenix + other nightlife?

Who knows anything about The Fenix club? I'm still looking for some nightlife to check out while I'm in town (Aug 5-11 or 12), preferably of the gothy/industrial/punk type. I ran across the name of the club while reading some of the memories, but I'd like to hear some opinions. Or are there better places to spend my time? I'm 18, so it would have to be 18+ nights... I noticed some of the events on their calendar specify 21+...should I assume that the rest are 18+, or would that be incorrect?

Thanks again, guys-- you've been an enormous help so far in figuring out my trip!
Faye Valentine
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Everyone I know in this town, besides my roommate, is either 22 or 32.

Does the mid to late 20s age range not exist here, or am I just not coming in contact with them? If it's the latter, where the hell are they?

Blood Drive - TODAY (7-16)

I am hosting a blood drive today at my office park. Very few people have signed up to donate. If you are in Factoria today and would like to donate - please stop by! Thanks. :)

Blood Drive - Puget Sound Blood Center
3535 Factoria Blvd. - 3rd Floor
Bellevue, WA
9:00 AM to noon and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

We share the parking lot with the Factoria Cinema Theaters. The drive is taking place on the 3rd floor. WE NEED MORE people, so thanks in advance for 1) reading this and 2) donating if you can.

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KUOW is doing a show this afternoon on Panhandling. I've noticed the past couple months that it seems to be getting worse on the Ave.. am I just noticing it more? I'm actually worried about being on the Ave by myself after 10 or 11 now, after having a couple really aggressive panhandlers follow or harrass me. Am I just overly concerned?
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Two road bikes stolen out of my locked, alarmed car out of my locked, gated apartment garage. The neighborhood around Union and 17th on the crest of the hill.
I'm in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA. I am offering a cash reward for these, $600.00 for the bikes, no questions asked.
Yellow and black Raleigh R-700
Black, Red, Orange "flame" colored Cannondale R1000

The yellow bike is not very common, if you see it in a bike shop, email me at andr00@earthlink.net subject: stolen bike.
also email me with any other info.

looking for support groups (not forums or chat)


i'm looking for support groups for the following:

1) bipolar disorder
2) fibromyalgia
3) people with family members with dementia/alzheimer's

i went to a support group for bipolar persons in tacoma but the people were pretty low-functioning and it quite frankly scared me. the bipolar support group i'm looking for would ideally be populated with higher-functioning people (not on the verge of hospitalization).

i would prefer the groups to be in/near tacoma but i'll take anything at this point. if you'd prefer to email me the info, feel free to at: kittycat33(at)livejournal(dot)com.


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Anybody recommend any bars to visit this evening?

Not too particular about the scene... Just looking for something mildly entertaining or at least a bar with mildly entertaining people...

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