July 14th, 2004


Transient death?

There was a transient man who lived under the i-90 overpass (I think that's which one), right next to i-5. I have seen him there for years while driving north on 1-5, right before getting into the city. He's gone now--all of his cloth and "shelter", etc.

Anyone know what happened to him?

Did he die?
  • rkcndy

Free Exams!!!

I happen to have two gift certificates for new patient services at Lakeview Chiropractic in Kirkland.

One is worth a complete exam and consultation (including x-rays) which is around $150. The other one is just a hundred dollar gift certificate for the same thing (meaning you'd probably have to cough up $50 for a full exam) but it expires July 31st.

I've been a patient there for two months and I love everyone who works there. It'd be worth your time if you're on the Eastside and are looking for a chiropractor.

They're free so comment or e-mail me if you're interested...
  • mjkjr

(no subject)

I'm in a tough spot right now and I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out, or know someone that can. I need some money so that I can get down to California ASAP.

I tried posting on Seattle community boards (like craigslist) however I have found little success because there are far more perverted old men out there looking to "give me a reward for a good time" than helpful people.

So, I am trying my luck here. I am a hard worker, I'm focused and skilled at many things (art, yardwork, writing/editing, childcare, animal care, etc) and am extremely reliable.

So, if you have some work you could pay me to do, or know someone who does, I would appreciate it so much.

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I'm trying to find a swimming pool on or around Capitol Hill because Gold's doesn't have one...I know 24 Hour Fitness has one, but I'm not joining that wretched place. Any suggestions?
Sea dragon

Bon Odori this Saturday and Sunday

This Saturday and Sunday in the Central District the Seattle Buddhist Church will be celebrating Bon Odori. This means people will be dancing in the streets, dressed in kimonos, around a taiko drum to traditional Japanese music. The dances are participatory, and you don't have to be dressed up to join in. Meanwhile, there will be little stalls manned by church ladies selling traditional Japanese snacks, like cold soba noodles and (at the gigantic grill behind the church) homemade teriyaki. Inside the church gym are cultural displays, and there will be a jazz band playing each night in the beer garden. Parking is easy, it's not too hard to find (14th Street between Jackson and Yesler) ... come on down! I like to go every year, and I'll be there for certain on Sunday around 5.

Like Trip-hop? Downtempo?

Then join us Thursday 7/15 for Xentropic! DJs Nubby Krayon and Miss Flavio spin Trip-hop, downtempo and ambient every third Thursday at the Mercury. Located at 1009 E Union (under the autobattery shop) in Seattle's Capitol Hill. Doors open at 9pm. $4.00 cover. Full bar. 21+ w/id.