July 13th, 2004


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Does anyone know what this thing on Queen Anne hill means?
It's a white door perched against a tree and says something like "If you could step inside a door, where would it take you" (or something like that) in red painted letters.
It's as you head UP the hill on the left before you reach galer.


Room for rent in Wallingford house starting 8/1 ($425/month)

4 guys, 1 girl, & 2 cats seeking housemate...

There is a lease, but it is not for a set period of time (month-to-month). It is legal coverage for roles & responsibilities while renting the room...

The house is a 5 bedroom, 2 bath. The room is on the top floor, has a closet, and two windows on the north side of the house...

Washer & dryer and 2nd fridge in the basement... covered front porch w/ couch... smoking only outside... pets (caged) negotiable... DSL in every room...

1 block from the 16 busline (downtown/northgate), and 5 blocks from the 44 (udistrict/ballard).... one block from meridian park and only a short walk to green lake... grocery store within 5 blocks, as well as restaurants & shops.

you can contact me (jason) here or by phone, 206-229-3475.


New Zine.

A new printed zine that is targeted at all things all ages is looking for writers to join our staff. You must be reliable, able to meet short deadlines, be enthusiastic, outgoing, pleasant and able to work hard and play hard. Most of all, you must be willing to go on an adventure.

If you are interested, please send three pieces of sample writing [related to music], a list of your top three albums of 2003/2004 and your top five bands of all time to shtickmail@yahoo.com

This is voluntary and a complete labor of love.

Please no sexists, rascists, homophobics, jerks, assholes, hypocrites or anything else irritatingly bad.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you.


>Hi, as you may have heard or read, there needs to be a good policy
>development to house Tent Cities. The screaming opponents who attended
>the hearings for Tent City 4 were shown all over. Tent Cities have
>functioned without problems in many neighborhoods from Tukwila to
>Shoreline and are currently at St. Johns on Capitol Hill where they are
>welcomed by the neighborhood.
>Tomorrow July 13, 2004 from 7-9 PM at 6200 South Center Boulevard, in
>Tukwila City Hall will be the first hearing by the newly formed County
>Committee (CACHE) to set standards and requirements to house tent cities
>in King Country, We know that the opposition will be there in force. We
>need to show our presence.
>Now how to get there:
>There are two buses 150 from the Metro Tunnel stops.
>150 to Kent at 5.52 PM arrives 6200 Southcenter Boulevard 6.25 PM
>150 to Auburn 5.35 Pm arrives " " "
>6.10 PM
>Return on 150 at 9.34 arrive 3rd & Union 10.01 pm
>If you can drive, SHARE/WHEEL would love to hear from you to get
>carpooling for the homeless people who would, and should attend this
>important hearing. Please send your help information to Michelle
>Marchand at WHEEL who will co-ordinate the carpooling for the homeless.
>Please help.
>Peace, Dorli


So I forgot that Le Panier only makes brioche loaves Fri-Sun, and I need some today! Any suggestions? I know Le Panier sells the little brioche buns, but I'm looking for big fat loaves, and if I don't find them, my world will crumble to tiny, tiny pieces.
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Bastille Day

Anybody doing anything around town for Bastille Day? I went to the "celebration" at the Seattle Center on Sunday, and it felt about as French as the crêpe recipe on the back of a biscuit mix box (though it did result in some similarly tasty moments). I hear some other places are doing stuff for Bastille Day this weekend, but I've no idea where.

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Anyone know of a decently-priced, non-sleazy motel near the UW? My mom asked me to find somewhere for her to stay (on short notice), and I have no idea what the hotels are like around here.

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i'm crossing my fingers hoping that you guys will help me out here...

i'm taking a communications class at uw this summer...and i'm writing a paper about...why people participate in online web log communities...so!!

answer this question for me please...

why do you use xanga? livejournal? bloggerd?, or any site you use for your online journal postings. what motivates you to post? why do you do it? what made you start?

feel free to write anything...go ahead and comment, or e-mail me: ktl@u.washington.edu

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Does anyone know what is going on with the "Green Cat" ? I just walked past and all the windows have been papered over and it looks like things are being ripped apart.
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san diego

I stink.

So, the plumbing in our big beautiful 1930's-era house has had something go horribly awry with it, and we cannot use any water until it's fixed.. sometime in the next few days. Therefore, we are without toilets, laundry, dishwasher, shower..

Did I mention there are seven people in this house at the moment?

Pleasepleaseplease, someone tell me where is a public place around Magnolia that I can take a shower? I smell.
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