July 12th, 2004

Is this ok for this community?

I am a webmaster starting an adult oriented website for men.

At the moment I can pay 10-30$ an hour depending upon what kind of things you feel comfterable doing infront of the camera (it's entirely up to you.)

You don't need to be gorgeous or have big boobs to model for me, as it's an amateur site I will probobly be accepting just about all applications.

If you are interested please send an e-mail with a couple pics, your name, age and what you are willing to do to: elpollosatanico@hotmail.com

or you can simply comment on this post with your pics and info.

Job in Ballard

I had to leave, so here's your chance to take my spot.

Job details as written by my former employer (ad also posted in CL and the Stranger):

Strong phone, general office, and MS software skills required. Bookkeeping background preferred. Compensation: $10-11 an hour. Send resume via email to seaop@aol.com or fax to 206-623-4474.

I can answer some questions if you have any relating to the job and the duties. Please leave them HERE. I have informed her I would post in some of the communities I'm a member of, but I've created a secondary account so that professional doesn't meet personal.

Please read existing comments/questions before posing same question, I don't like repeating myself. Thank you. :)

Posted in both seattle & seattlejobs

spider bite update.

it was a hobo spider, but since we don't have the offender it's pretty much hypothesis.
apparently it's a small proportion of the population that actually gets the nasty ulcer thingie that we all worry about so much.
other than that, it's kind of like having the flu... fever aching, sore joints etc...
and one damnably itchy arm.

You can help with my Seattle wi-fi/social-software research


This summer I'm working at Intel Research Seattle, exploring ways that online relationships, such as those based on LiveJournal, can move into the offline (“real”) world -- and learning what online services can add to face-to-face conversation. The project will be open to anyone in or near Seattle, but we think Seattle-area LiveJournal people can especially benefit from what we're building.

An important part of our research is to learn how people here interact and use wi-fi (wireless Internet) in public and semi-public places here, so we've put together a short survey that addresses these issues. If you live in or near Seattle and use wi-fi (wireless Internet access), you can help us immensely by taking a few minutes to answer this brief survey. Your responses will be kept completely anonymous:

At the end of the survey, you'll be told how to get more involved if you're interested in helping to test out the tools that we build this summer.

We're trying to get as many responses as we can, so if you think this is interesting it would be great if you could spread the word by linking to this posting in your own journal. Here's a link to this post:

Also, please spread the word to any non-LiveJournal friends who use wi-fi around Seattle too. Send them to the survey here: http://ljsurvey.notlong.com



Stupidly high sales taxes

I was thinking about buying a car in Oregon to save myself the exorbitant Washington state sales tax. Does anyone know any reason why I shouldn't do this? If I buy a car from a dealer and bring it up here, am I just going to get hit with the sales tax when I register it? I don't have a problem with paying monorail and RTA taxes (since I voted for both), but when you're talking almost 9% on top of the price of the car, I'm looking at $1000 in sales taxes. Feedback?
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Aside from the shitty coffee, why NOT to go to starbucks

So yesterday whilst the Hillcrest market burned, a firefighter went into the starbucks across the street to use the restroom. He was told because he didnt purchase anything, he was not going to be able to use the toilet.
This same firefighter went down the block to Coffee Messiah, told us his story, and was allowed free access to the restroom. This is good, right? Even Better, Coffee Messiah stayed open to the wee hours of the morning, allowing access to the restroom, as well as gave free coffee to the people helping out in fighting the fire.
If ever you had a reason to quit drinking starbucks, now is the time. Reclaim your tastebuds, & support Coffee Messiah!
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Booze Cruise!

Did anyone else go to this? What'd you think? It was a bit of a floating Cha Cha Lounge, but probably the most fun event I've been to all year. Do you know of any other cruises coming up that are cheap with indie bands and DJs?

More on cars and sales tax

Okay, to piggyback on the other question...

I have a car. Currently it is in my father's name due to auto insurance (I'm still a rider on his policy.) When my current plates expire in 2006 is about the time I am moving to Washington. Here's my question: my father is planning on signing the car over as a one time gift in order to do well with Missouri state taxes. How will this impact me in regards to Washington?


Hello there! My name is Yesenia and I just moved to the wonderful city of Seattle a few weeks ago from Tri-cities, WA.

I love it here more and more everyday. But I haven't made as many friends as I've wanted to.

I'm 18, energetic, fun, smart, and a bit quirky at times. If anyone out there wants to hang out and be friends...that would be GREAT!

Or if anyone just has any ideas on how to meet people here, I would really appreciate it!

Visiting Seattle

Hello everyone!

I'm visiting Seattle in early August for a few days (Aug 5-10 or 11) with my family, but they will be driving home starting the 9th, and I will be staying until the 10th or 11th by myself (I'm 18). Anyway, I was hoping there was someone here willing to clue me in to some local entertainment, how to use the public transit system (including the best way to get back to the airport!), and any other interesting places or events to check out that wouldn't necessarily show up in the tour guide (you guys know how those work...not guaranteed to be the best source of local info). I'd appreciate any advice or help-- I like to shop (funky-punky/Goth kindsa stuff), I like going to shows (loud music), I'm into just wandering around fun places where I can meet interesting people. On second thought, I'm not sure that that previous sentence actually gave any distinctive information. :-)

Please reply here or on AIM: freezedrieddaisy

Thanks again, and I appreciate any help anyone can give me!