July 11th, 2004

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Hey, I have some used psychology textbooks that I would like to sell asap... are there any places in or around Seattle that would buy them???? (I'm not looking for websites.) Also, while I'm making a post, I have a 3/4 size student viola with a nice case that I want to sell. If anyone's interested, comment or send me an e-mail. Thanks! Valerie

July 12 Party: Cancelled

Because no one from the site ever got back to me despite repeated attempts on my part to reach them, the partylite party that was scheduled for tomorrow night is hereby cancelled.

If anyone would like to host the "FearAndLoathing2004" portion of the party, please let me know soonest.

I can't host it myself because it looks like an art tornado has torn through my apartment (because, in fact, multiple art tornadoes have torn through my apartment, I'm all Mad Genius these days), it's all over canvases, partially finished art projects, Burning Man gear and the like.

Moz - flowers

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Dear person in a white pickup on the West Seattle Bridge this morning,

Next time you're hauling stuff, please COVER YOUR LOAD. It's a good thing my brother happened to change lanes, because immediately after he did a large piece of plywood came flying out of the back of your truck. You didn't even notice, but had we still been behind you it would have been joining us in the front seat.

Thankfully no one was hurt.
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awesome house in Wallingford!

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Ok. So. I have a fantastic house. 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2-story + finished basement, big beautiful kitchen, sunny, bbq-and-summertime-party-sized yard, formal dining room, french doors, woodstove, and a separate garage.

I (and my boyfriend) have been here for 3 years and are moving out on September first. I would like to find a couple of chill and cool people to move in so that we're not leaving our roomate high and dry. The total rent on this place is only $1400/month (the landlord is ubercool and super chill about most things) and it's an older house so it occasionally requires maintenence (most recently we had to have some of our sewage pipes fixed) but he allows you to take all such costs out of the monthly rent if you call him and tell him what's going on.

You can paint, you can have pets, you can have parties (awesome neighborhood, really chill and quiet, but open to whatever as long as you talk to the neighbors, and we've had some real "party 'till dawn" shindigs here), we're really close to Greenlake (just a few blocks, you can practically see it from the house), right near Zoka (best coffee in Seattle, and free wireless to boot!), Luau (they make a mean pina colada), and beehive (aveda salon).

We'd prefer to move people in at the end of August through the 1st of September. Hell, if you don't have a ton of furniture, we don't know what to do with half of ours, maybe we could work something out. If you're interested, please email me at: tendency (at) gmail (dot) com, preferably with subject line "House"

Thanks everyone!

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a few minutes ago there was a small power outage at my house, coinciding with a loud exploding noise. almost everyone on my street ran outside to see what was going on. anybody else experience this? just wonering what happened, or if people outside the area of 50th and latona heard it.

doctor / spider question

that there is a boy, who delivers pizza in the foothills area of redmond.
and this boy got bitten by a spider about 7pm last night while on the job.
the swelling encompassed his whole forearm, and the subsided overnight.
now at 8:45, the boy's arm is swelling again (about the size of a bruise from having a baseball hit you), and the bite point is turning ... orangeish.

also there are feelings of dizzyness, scattered thoughts, and general nausea..

i figure it's hobo spider.

but the question is where do i go to see a doctor about this on a sunday night?
besides the ER.

i figure that's a last resort, even though this might very well be covered by workman's comp...

Satin In A Coffin - Good News For People Who Love Bad News - Modest Mouse

Satin In A Coffin - Good News For People Who Love Bad News - Modest Mouse