July 10th, 2004

Jayden Layne

EDIT*** Amber Alert Cancelled, but murder suspect sought***

James T. Moran is sought for suspicion of murder in the deaths of 2 people in a Kennewick motorhome. Moran is a 32yo white male, about 5'8", 240lbs, with "MJM" tattoed on his wrist, and has scars on his right hand and abdomen. Details on his getaway vehicle are unknown, but he is believed to be driving a silver car of some sort, and may be hiding out in the Moses Lake area... If you have any information on this suspect, or want to report a sighting, please call your local authority.

sidewalk sale

Upper Queen Anne is having its annual Sidewalk Sale this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). In particular, Queen Anne Books has everything in the store on sale -- 20% off on everything, with 50% off on some items (journals, cards, reading glasses, sale books, etc.) It's your chance to support an independent bookstore and still get your books at a discount!
we have a map of the piano

ticket to john mayer

i'm selling a ticket to the john mayer show this sunday, july 11th, at the white river amphitheatre.
section 3
row 14
seat 3
$40 or best offer

it's an excellent seat for an amazing show. i'm selling it because the friend i bought the ticket for can no longer go.

comment if you are interested. it will be hard to contact me today because i am leaving at 2:00 to go somewhere and will not be back until late tonight/tomorrow morning. if you want the ticket, i'll be sure to get it to you.

Seattle drivers.

It has become even more apparent to me that Seattle inhabitants CANNOT drive.

I just had my car parked on 50th in the U-District, and some jerkoff with a white truck did a hit and run on it.

The best part is I just got my car back the day before from having it fixed for 3 weeks on a $4,000 job. I hate Seattle drivers, and I can't wait for the day that everyone hates SUVs and GIANT TRUCKS enough to stop buying them and/or run them over.
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Caren in hell


This coming Sunday, the Glitzkrieg Girls will be washing your cars!

We are are still fund-raising for our trip to SF to help open One Taste: an Urban Retreat Center (http://www.onetastesf.com).

Jiffy Lube has been awesome enough to let us use their parking lot
and will MATCH what ever you donate to Glitzkrieg towards a service
on your car...so if you donate $10 then Jiffy Lube will give you $10
off a service (oil change, etc...)!

Jiffy Lube - Ballard
6215 15th Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 789-0270
Sunday July 11th
11am - 5pm

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Simple question: Where can you buy Diesel jeans in Seattle?

I can't just order them online because the sizing never works. I need a store where I can try on different sizes...even if I end up ordering them off the internet for cheaper...
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Should I be scared?

Came home today to find a note on my door.

It appears that the ownership of my apartment complex has sold the complex to a new owner. Who's going to be stopping by tomorrow to discuss his "plans" for the complex, and to have us all sign "new" rental agreements.

Now, I'm in Tukwila, if that matters... and I've a signed lease until November.

Should I be concerned about looking for a new place to live, ASAP? Or a change in rent, or anything like that?
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