July 9th, 2004

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Anyone know where the closest Ticketswest location is from the Westlake station? (I can't get their web page to load on my computer anymore for some reason)

And seeing as I actually have a rare day off of work today, anything fun going on? But not too fun, gotta be back at work tomorrow at 4am :(
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For those of you who may have missed the reports in the press, a man named Micah Painter was seriously assaulted during Pride. Three young men with broken bottles slashed a serious wound on his back, gashed his face and broke his nose.

Local activists Michael McAfoose and Donny Gallegos are organizing a show of support and protest march on Sunday, July 11th. (That's this coming Sunday.) Rally at Westlake at 4 and then march to SCCC starting at 5. At 6pm, the Seattle LGBT Community Center is hosting a benefit to raise funds to help Micah with his bills during his recovery period.

The organizers are seeking performers (musicians, spoken word, etc.) for this event; it's very short notice, of course, but if you are available and interested call the hotline at 206-333-7196 for more info; anyone seeking information on this event should call as well.

Go if you can!
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Looking to rent a room for a couple of weeks

This is a VERY short term rental request, my lease is up August 1st and I need a place to stay until the 15th of August. I don't want to pay a full months rent at my current place, so if someone needs some cash and has a space available for a couple of weeks starting August 1, let me know!

About me:

Male 26 no pets, no smoke, clean, professional.



Can anyone tell me off hand where in Seattle I can get a sketchbook like this one? I live in View Ridge (think Northeast Seattle if you've never heard of it) so somewhere in that area would be preferable but not necessary.

i know this is a long shot but...

will anybody with a 'house darkroom' be looking for a roomate in september?

Im a photography enthusiest and will be looking to move to seattle in september, i go to the UW, i'd look into seeing if i could use the ones in the dorms but they dont alwasy change the chemicals. i've been trying for 4 qts to get into the basic photo class but havent been able to, perhaps when i finally get graduating senior priority for regstering LOL. But yeah i dont know how to develop film but i REALLY want to learn.