July 8th, 2004

kristi hunt

Witnesses Needed

If anyone was near the intersection of NW Market and 24th in Ballard on Tuesday 7/6 about 9am and witnessed the car accident I was in, I would appreciate it if you would contact me to make a statement for my insurance claim. My car was struck by a black 1984 Thunderbird, who crossed over into my lane on my drivers side after she lost control of her vehicle. I did not get her license plate number.I need witnesses due to being injured in this accident.
You can e mail me at:

Thanks for your time.
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Sisters of Sal - Improv Comedy - July 10th and 31st

Sisters of Sal
Unscripted, Uncensored, Unbelievable

Improv Comedy Show at ArtsWest
Saturday, July 10th and 31st
For more information:
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<p><font size="3"><a href="http://www.sistersofsal.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.sistersofsal.com/images/GroupTonguesm.jpg" width="101" height="76" align="left"></a><b>Sisters of Sal</b></font><font size="1"> <b> <br> <i><b> Maelstrom:</b></i></b> <i> Unscripted, Uncensored, Unbelievable</i></font></p><b><br><br>
</b><font size="2">Improv Comedy Show at <a href="http://www.artswest.com"> ArtsWest</a><br>Saturday, July 10th and 31st<br>10:30pm<br>$7<br>For more information: <a href='http://www.sistersofsal.com' /a>Sisters of Sal Website</a> </font>


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Anyone know how much a Veternary Assistant or some kind of Vet job where I don't need experiance but am some sort of apprentice?

Looking into becoming a Vet and wanted to get a job and see the field. Is anywhere hiring for a position like that? I mean I'd pick up crap from the cages if it was fulltime work and at least 10$ an hour.


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Call Patty Murray at (206)553-5545
Maria Cantwell at (206)220-6400

Tell them to oppose the marriage amendment bill and to oppose bringing it to the floor.

What to say when you call...Use your own words, or use these:

"My name is YOUR NAME from YOUR ADDRESS. I am calling to urge the Senator to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment when it comes to a vote next week. The proposed amendment to our founding document is unnecessary, discriminatory, and undermines the principles upon which our Constitution was written. As my elected official in Congress, I hope that you will concentrate on more important matters such as the struggling economy, the war in Iraq, and health care, rather than devoting time to a discriminatory, unnecessary amendment. Thank you."

More questions? I will answer any I can.
Want more info? Again, I will answer any questions I can.
Want to flame? AIM or email me so that everyone else does not have to deal with it.
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help I need a room

Hi, I'm a 20 year old college student (21 in two months!) in search of a house with a room to rent on Capitol Hill. I have a completely awesome cat named Buttmunch, she likes just about anyone. I also have a couch, a granny chair with stool, and a brita water pitcher (all stuff I would totally share), plus dishes, pots, pans, etc.
I need to get out of the house I'm at right now because it is frikken FILTHY. I moved here a month ago because it was the best option at the time since my lease on my apartment was up. But a couple of the roommates around the same time I moved in decided to get a 5 month old dog and not train it, so after a month of stepping in or around pee, and poo, and having business packages that I needed to send out chewed up along with my amelie dvd case, I've had it.
I work as a cashier and do promotional work for a marketing company out of New York, as well as going to school fulltime. I will be attending SCCC in the fall so I'd totally like to stay on the hill, I just need a place where I can chill. I'm fun-loving, straight but queer-friendly, spontaneous, and generally clean. I love art, going to shows, listening/playing music, going to parties, going to the lake, skateboarding, hanging out, cooking, reading, watching good movies, and vacuuming. yes I own a vacuum... AND I know how to use it. please save me. I can afford 425 a month. help.
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Honkin' Huge Moving Sale

Howdy Seattle Community!

My family and I maybe or may not be moving to England but either way we're moving out of this house! In celebration and in the spirit of capitalism, we are having a moving sale. Furniture, appliances and much, much more! 9 AM on Saturday, July 10 at 337 NW 87th St, Seattle. Please don't use this post as an invitation to rob my house. :) Have a great weekend, everyone!

SLGC Auditions Coming

The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus will be auditioning for new members around late August. More information here in my personal LJ.

Feel free to comment/ask questions, but please do so on that post and not this one.