July 7th, 2004


Open invite

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Grand Illusion Cinema (in the U.Dist)
9pm tonight

The second in their series of Sam Peckinpah films, Alfredo Garcia is described (on IMDB) as " bloody, thrilling, [and] stunning," and is considered by some to be his best film ever, in part because it is the one that has been tampered with least since release. Word is that fans of Tarantino, and "Reservoir Dogs" in particular, will see the obvious influence this movie has had on filmmaking history.

I'm likely to be at Big Time around 8, then at the G.I. around 8:45 or so.
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Job Offering with Princess Cruises

Sr. Coordinator, Inventory 9 (12-15/hr starting)
Job Duties: Provides inventory analysis, develops/designs reports, and assists with inventory analysis projects. Performs a variety of inventory control tasks and provides problem resolution to escalated issues. Applies knowledge of vendor contracts/agreements and company policies and procedures to maximize inventory. Answers calls from employees, management, and customers to respond to queries.

Job Requirements: 3 years progressively responsible experience in inventory control and analysis. AA degree or equivalent college work. Ability to clearly communicate, verbally and in writing, with all levels of employees, management, and customers. Proficiency in the use of computer business applications, with working knowledge of computerized reservations systems and spreadsheet applications.

The location would be our Downtown office. Full time, benefitted. If you want more info let me know.

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(no subject)

I do not live in Seattle, have traveled there twice, and adore the city. Everything about it! The music scene in particular, also the mountains, and the water, the people are spectacular!

I am really thinking about college in Seattle. I live in flippin Michigan. Does anyone have suggestions on colleges? I don't think I want UW, cause it's so huge. I'm leaning towards liberal arts. If anyone could be so great to give me a list and maybe a quick description of some?

Much thanks in advance!
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Anyone know how long, in minutes (hours?) the commute is from Lynnwood to Seattle, or Lynnwood to Bellevue? Say, during normal work hours, like south around 8 or 9 am, back north 5 or 6 pm? Any info is appreciated.

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Hi! Does anyone know of a fairly nearby u-pick blueberry field? (Not Remlinger Farms -- they don't have u-pick blueberries right now, but they DO have raspberries for $0.85 a pound, in case you're interested.) I'd like to go somewhere where I can pick a ridiculous amount for cheap so I'll have lots to freeze after I finish gourging on them... Thanks!
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Free Stereo

Hi, kids.

I've got a free stock Volvo stereo for those interested. It fits my 1990 Volvo 740 GLE wagon, and it's totally stock and stuff. Everything seems to work, but I no longer have the wires for it and stuff, so that sort of thing is up to you. This is JUST the friggin' stereo, and it rules. AM/FM radio, cassette, six memory settings, front/back fader, adjustable bass/treble. Got a new stereo so this one's done with me.

(no subject)

anyone know where to get turkish coffee (made, not the beans) while staying in between queen anne, the international district, and the waterfront?

if there's somewhere elsewhere in seattle, that'd work, just not as preferrable.

Seattle: Party, July 12

July 12, 2004, start time = 7:00PM, end time = 12:00AM(ish)

Lake City (I'll send out the address on Friday or so)

Hang out, bitch about the election, talk about your mother, or your homicidal
urges or any damn thing you please. There will be attractive men and women.
Some of them may even be single and/or polyamorous. Look at candles and
candleholders. If you like any of 'em, buy 'em. If you don't just hang out.

I'm still doing the "Fear and Loathing 2004" project but with a different

"We the freaks of the United States of America support Kerry and Edwards in
2004! Shock and Awe in 2003? Fear and Loathing in 2004!"

I'll just redo all the website copy, no big deal. I will still make t-shirts,
I'm planning to do white shirts with black lettering and then tie dye them all
by hand so no two will be exactly alike.

If you wish to toss any money at this project, there will be a big bucket
labelled "Fear and Loathing 2004," so toss away, baby. If you'd rather just
kick it with new homies and old ones, do so, in style, por favor.

What to Bring:
Up to you. Your lovely selves. Your friends/family, if you wish. Snacks or
drinks, if you wish, some will be provided.

Please RSVP by replying to this entry by noon Monday, July 12 so that I can be sure I have enough refreshments.


-Me, one of the people your mother warned you about
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Any Seattle HAM Radio users out there?
I recently got my tech license and have been sweeping the 144-148MHz range, but haven't heard all that much traffic.
Drop a line if you monitor a certain frequency.
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WTB: Vehicle

Greetings all, I'm looking to buy either a van or a wagon, I'm moving in a month or so and need something to haul stuff around in. Don't want to deal with the whole renting a trailer/uhaul thing, so if anyone knows of anything that anyone is selling, please let me know!

Some more details:

  • Looking to pay around $1000, less would be nice
  • Automatic transmission, I don't drive stick
  • Really it just has to be in good enough shape to make it to the bay area once

So yeah, if anyone can help me out, much appreciated!!

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