July 6th, 2004

Want to buy: Mountain bicycle

Hello everyone,
Is there anyone selling or trying to get rid of a mountain bike? I'm looking for a bike that's good for commuting, has a 15-16 inch frame, 18 speed, and in the price range of $80-120. Also I prefer bike models between the years 1996-2001.
Email me the specs of bike to: dj_snatchngo@yahoo.com

Larry Flynt at Town Hall Seattle last night

Did anyone else go? I didn't think his presentation was all that interesting, actually ("Here's the book, I talk about the impeachment, 2000 election, Iraq, and the Patriot act, now let's do questions") but it was really wild to get to meet the guy. One of the funniest "knowing smiles" I've ever seen.

For anyone who did go- I was the one who asked the "Given that you were involved in one of the greatest free speech trials of the 20th century, where do you think the free speech battles will be fought in the next 20 years" question. Flynt's answer, in short: "On the internet. I never understood the 1973 ruling that what is pornography is defined by community standards, especially not now that 'community' means something very different now that we have the internet."
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Seattle crows

I've been noticing a lot of crows in Seattle with metal bands around their ankles lately. Anyone know what the research project is?

Just curious.
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Leary love

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Does anyone have any advice on how to go about disposing of a large-ish couch? We bought it for $10 at a yard sale about 9 months ago and it's pretty damn dead now, so we don't think we'll have any luck trying to sell the thing.

Does the Salvation Army take things no matter what? Does anyone know where they take furniture donations?

Otherwise, does anyone know what the deal is with bringing furniture to a landfill?

We live in Capitol Hill and our landlord is pretty strict and "hands-on", so I don't think just leaving it on the sidewalk with a "free" sign is going to cut it.