July 5th, 2004

Your love is better than ice cream...

Well due to a lot of shit that is beyond my control I have two tickets to see Sarah McLachlan at the Key Area in Seattle for SALE. The concert starts in an hour an a half and you would have to come to me. I'm selling them at face value or the best offer.

Too bad faced doesn't live near me, I could get him to go with me. :-)

I'm not too upset about this. I'm sure she'll tour again, they always do.

If interested, please respond to this post or text my cell through LiveJournal.
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Rain (Boomer)


A friend and I would like to take a trail ride, or perhaps get a chance to goof around in an arena. We're both experienced riders--at least, we taught horseback riding at a camp for several summers and I did horse 4H back in high school--so we aren't looking for the kind of place that will babysit us.

We know how to ride, and we both realize how many people say that they know how to ride, but really don't. We're not Olympics material by any means, but we're competent and know our limits.

Anyway, I've been to Tiger Mountain before, but was more interested in an opportunity to canter than scenery. Ideas? We have our own helmets and boots, like any self-respecting horsewoman should.

X posted to the one horse community that looked useful
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Hi! I don't post here much, but I totally like, need your help anyway!

My friends and I are all kind of geeky, but we recently decided that in order to find girls, we should go where the type of girls we want to find are!

So, does anybody know where we can find some all-ages lesbian hangouts? Clubs are fine, or whatever... we're just not even sure where to start looking! Help!

Thankies! ^_^'
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Attention Capitol Hillbillies:

It is July 5th today. If you got too drunk to shoot off all your fireworks last night, too damn bad. Some of us have places to be tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
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Jayden Layne

Hey Seattle...

Electronica enthusiasts? I am in the laptop duo, The Rescue Party, and we're looking to promote ourselves in the area. We have a few new tracks up at this site and we're looking for feedback. If you get a chance, have a listen and let me know what you think!

We are currently working on getting a demo together, so if you know of any venues where our sound might fit into the format, please share! We are still pretty new to Seattle.


Saw this in craigslist

We will be playing the fifth Human Scale Chess Game in Seattle on Sunday, August 1.

Here is how the game works: an eight-block-by-eight-block section of the Seattle city grid will be chosen as our chess board. Each intersection will represent a square on the chess board. Humans playing the roles of the chess pieces will be standing on the appropriate corners. Somewhere in the center of the board, expert players will be playing a real game of chess. When an expert moves, for example, a white bishop, i will call the person representing the white bishop and ask her to walk the number of blocks required by the move.

More information about the game

We need 32 volunteers with working cellphones to play the roles of the chess pieces. Sign up now and select the role you will play. Costuming is strongly enoucouraged. We are also seeking expert players to play the master game. Peruse past games to learn what to expect on game day.

williamsburg game
vancouver game
san francisco game
lower east side game

We've had tremendous fun putting this on in different sities and hope you will be able to join us!