July 4th, 2004

Repost....still looking

Ok, it's that time of the year. Lease is coming up.

We need one more roomate. Sadly, Chris is leaving. Michael needs a bigger place since he now has a fiance and all.

Issac from B-ham is moving in with us and he is awesome.

We need one more roomate though.

We have a dog. He's a little Corgi puppy, you allergic or don't like dogs? Don't live here.

We're very far from being PC, if you're easily offended don't move in. Seriously.

No drugs/smoke/alcohol in the house. Whatever you do outside in your own time is up to you.

If you make a mess, clean your own shit up. I can't stress that enough, please, no pigs. <3

Rent is dirt cheap , and the location is amazing.

250 a month + about 25 for Cable Internet/Tv and utilities.

5010 19th ave ne. In the U district, 3 blocks from the ave and UW.
We're a bunch of nerds that sit around and play video games all day. Have 8-5 jobs, so we need sleep.

If interested get ahold of me. Or know anyone that is.

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Fire Works

Any tips on a good place to see a fireworks show tonight in Seattle? We're not looking to go to Gasworks, the Seattle Center, the Waterfront, etc. Anyone know a good less-crowded park (or something else?) with a good view? THANKS XOX OX

Parks for fireworks.

Does anyone know of any parks in Seattle that are a good spot to watch fireworks from, but that aren't very crowded? Is there such a thing? See, we want to find a park to have a picnic and watch fireworks from, but my mother in law wants to join us and she doesn't get off of work (in Lynnwood) until 8. So she'd need to be able to park somewhere near us in order to join us. Thanks so much.
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Bike maintenance class

I am in need (now!) of a bike maintenance class. Are any stores currently offering one? I spoke to a few and they said they were too busy. I wouldn't mind paying someone to do it in my home if anyone is interested in that.