July 2nd, 2004



Hey, I'm new, what's up. Here's the deal. There are no jobs for inexperienced teenagers in Seattle! What's up with that? I'm 16, I'm trying to find a job so I can, well, get some job experience, and make a little money or something... and have something to do!

Anybody know of any retail positions or something with full training...? I've checked the Northwest Classifieds and grocery stores and coffee shop websites so many times it's unreal. Thank you!!
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Is anyone going to phoenixfest tomorrow in time to get there by 5 or 6 and has extra room in their car for a cool chick and some of her camping gear? Will compen$ate, and I already have a ride back. Let me know.

I have an art show!

A few months ago I posted here about trying to get my glass art shown someplace. Well, I did! And the opening and reception is tonight! It's at pitcairn scott gallery from 6pm-10pm, which is on 2nd in Belltown. Slightly more information is here. C'mon down, hopefully it'll be fun. It's a joint show, so if you don't like my stuff, you might like the other artist's. And it's free! So. ^_^ If you can't make it tonight, that's okay - it'll be up all month.
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Okay ladies and germs, I have to pick a date in August that will be MY night to host and create a poetry extravaganza. With success of said night, I will be hopefully doing a weekly/monthly show.

What do I need from you? People to perform, of course!

Do you or your friends love poetry and like to perform it? Send them my way. The reading will be at Hotwire cafe in Shoreline.

E-mail me at dykealiscious@gmail.com
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So there was this guy at the hair masters on Capitol Hill named Orlando. He did an AWSOME job on my hair. But he's aparently not there anymore and when I saked where he want, the lady said 'Broadway Market'..

So.. Does anyone know Orlando? If so where is he working now! If not well then.. do you know if there is a salon in Broadway Market and if there is, what the heck is it called?

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Sisters of Sal - Improv Comedy at ArtsWest in July

Sisters of Sal presents
Maelstrom: Unscripted, Uncensored, Unbelievable

The Sisters of Sal (http://www.SistersOfSal.com), a local improvisational comedy group, will be performing two improvised comedy shows at West Seattle’s ArtsWest (http://www.ArtsWest.com) on July 10th and 31st at 10:30 pm (tickets are $7). 

The “Sisters” are a long-form improvisational comedy group that takes a single word from the audience and then performs a series of improvised scenes, monologues and games that explore the many images that word conjures. The Sisters of Sal performances are rooted in the improv comedy styles found in Chicago and New York that have spawned the likes of Mike Myers, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Bill Murray and many others.

The Sisters of Sal perform throughout the Pacific Northwest and are the 2003 Seattle Cage Match™ Champions. They were also recently a featured performer at the 2004 Seattle Festival of Improv Theater.

For more information go to http://www.SistersOfSal.com