July 1st, 2004

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I'm looking for recommendations on where to take kickboxing classes. It needs to be in downtown/belltown/lower queen anne, I'd like to go at least twice a week and keep the cost below $50 a month.

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strange question...i have some raw silk that i want to use at my wedding next year but the person who bought it for me got it a shade too dark (and he got it out of the country so returning it isn't an option :P) are there any places in seattle or the state for that matter that would let me exchange it for an equal/similar fabric? i have about 5 yards of it so it's not just a piddly square.


Open Mic

Come see me at Hotwire Cafe tonight for open mic. I'll again be reading poetry/spoken word. Open mic starts at 7 but I'll be there at 8:15.

Hotwire: 177th NE and 15th NE in Shoreline. (Not the W. Seattle location.)

Organic coffee and food, fabulous art, fabulous staff, AMAZING ambiance.

Somewhat cheap drinks at the dive crack whore bar accross the street afterwards.

Thank you, lovers!
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Plumber references

Hi Everyone,

We need to have some remodeling work done on our house in the Rainier Valley area and are looking to take bids from licensed and bonded plumbers for the work. We've never done this before (this is our first house) so we'd appreciate any recommendations anyone can give us for reliable and fair people. We'd also prefer to support independent people rather than give our money to some national chain.

Thanks in advance.
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I have some friends moving back to Seattle from Madrid for the summer, and they are in need of a car. Anyone have a car they want to lend, donate, sell or rent (cheapish) to them? They are responsible citizens (a librarian and a massage therapist, for chrissakes!)



Hey I am the manager at Sears Portrait Studio Downtown Seattle. (The one on first ave and Lander ST. in Starbucks Center)

This is our slow time of the year so I am looking for people that want there pictures taken.

Your get a FREE! portrait sheet and FREE sitting fee! Plus 50% off on sheets.

If anyone is interested call 206-344-4959 or stop in to make an appointment.

There is NO obligation to buy anything. It is just to keep me for being bored!

Address: 76 S. Lander St Seattle, WA 98134

When you call give code 42523 to the person booking the appointment or bring it on in!

Thanks everyone, Hope to see you in soon! Kamieo
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Ballard Streaker!

Just curious if anyone else saw the naked guy running down the western part of NW Market street in Ballard around where Habitude and Stone Gardens area.

The cops got him just up the street by the lumber place and I saw an ambulance loading him up.

....very intersting......
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Something for free.

Does anyone have a need for a set of four genuine Volvo plastic mats for their Volvo? I doubt they'd fit any other car, and they say Volvo on them. They're sort of dirty but cleanable, and I just want to get rid of them.

They fit in my 1990 Volvo 740 GLE wagon, and I'd imagine most other models in the same era would work, too.


my friend and i are 19 and can never find fun stuff to do on the weekends, we just either end up going to parties or watching sex and the city.

so we were wondering if any of you know of fun, not so expensive things to do on a friday night in or around seattle.

thank you!

Rush ticket for sale

(posting for my husband, no Rush for me, thanks)

one reserved seat available for the 7/2 show at White River Ampitheater gates at 6pm, show closer to 8pm, asking face value $55. you get to sit with three charming and geeky guys. contact cmbodan at yahoo dot com before 4:30pm 7/2 if interested.

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