June 29th, 2004

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phoenix festival

RIDE NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!

if anyone is going to this festival and has room for two or has a license and would like to throw down on renting a car... please contact me!!!!!!
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(no subject)

    Anyone happen to know where to purchase scrubs for cheap?
    I need to have them this week, and the only places I know of
    are at Northgate & Alderwood Malls, and a place called Acorns
    in Bellevue.
    If anyone knows of a place that sells scubs for less than
    an arm and a leg, lemme know!!

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Jim Page - Seattle Singer/Songwriter

Jim Page has been performing on Seattle streets and stages for years. He is a Pacific Northwest anti-war activist icon. Check out the Fremont Fair video of Jim's song about the town:

They used to call this town Seattle,
Jewel of the Puget Sound.
They used to call this town Seattle,
Now they call it Paul Allen Town.

Jim will be the featured singer/songwriter on f911filmblog in a couple of weeks.

Do you have questions for him?

Blog entry about Jim from a Seattle vistor in 2003
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Shot in the Dark here...

But...does anyone remember the game store in Capitol Hill up on Broadway? Two floors...top floor; mall-type games...bottom floor; gamer-geek games?

1. Does anyone know why they went out of business? Location, Rent, Competition, No Gamers...?
2. Does anyone happen to know who the owner was or where I might contact them?

I know there are some gamers here on LJ...so if you know anyone who may know the answers to these questions, please forward me thier contact info or vice versa...


The Wild Bunch @ the Grand Illusion

The Grand Illusion is showing a couple weeks of Sam Peckinpah films, starting this Friday with The Wild Bunch.

I've never seen it, but according to some, it is arguably the best western ever made (see the thread here at IMDB). I apparently have a soft spot for westerns, and they are always better on a real screen instead of on TV.

I'll be at the 8:15 show tomorrow (Wednesday) night with a few friends...
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duh [duckyass]

Help Re: Parking Ticket

I received a parking ticket in Fremont on June 19 (the day of the parade). The reason I received a ticket was because I didn't notice the "No parking north of here" sign that was hidden in a tree. I was originally going to contest it, but then decided not to because it wasn't worth the hassle.

That was 10 days ago. I have to pay the fine in 15 days, or it goes up to $60 . Here's my problem... I lost the ticket, so now I have NO idea where I'm supposed to send the money, or what my ticket number is, or exactly how much I owe. I've searched online (on metrokc.gov), and even left messages with them asking for help, but haven't had any luck, and no one has returned my calls.

I was hoping someone here might know what I should do... I have to act soon, because I only have five days left to get this taken care of. Any and all help/suggestions/advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to the immediate response I received, the ticket has been paid and I'm in the clear. Thank you all so much!
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faking parking tickets?

Is it possible for a vehicle to get two parking tickets? I guess not.. So do the cops even bother to look at a car that already has a parking ticket?

What I am getting at is this... Suppose you get a parking ticket. Unfortunate, but not the end of the world. Then what you do is you go and park anywhere you like (not in a tow-away zone, but in a place where you can get away with a ticket), and place that ticket on your windshield. The assumption being that if a cop passes by and sees the car illegaly parked, but then sees the (fake) parking ticket already there, he/she will just ignore the car and move on. Opening each and every ticket on each and every car to make sure that it is the correct ticket just doesn't seem practical.

Of course, this seems too easy to be true.. I am sure someone would have thought about this and the cops would have found a way to tackle this. but does anyone know exactly what would happen in this case?

$$$ For Yard Work

Are you an East-sider ISO some easy money?

I need someone who's interested in making some easy money pulling weeds, cutting tree branches, etc. There's a full day's work that I need done before Sunday, and an opportunity for continuing weekly touch-ups if you're interested.

I work about 100 hours a week and just don't have time to get everything done, and the fam is coming to town for the 4th.

Not looking for a professional landscaper, just someone who wants to make some cash.

My home is in the Kingsgate area (north Kirkland/south Woodinville). Hourly wage is negotible. Reply to this post with your contact info if you'd like to know more.
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