June 28th, 2004

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Aloha Live 2004!

31st Jul at Chateau St. Michelle, 14111 Ne 145th St, Woodenville, WA

In 2003, Aloha Live successfully played to over 60,000 screaming fans on the West Coast. This success is impressive for a first year festival but not that surprising given the caliber of talent and increased popularity of Hawaii in pop culture. 2004 will see Aloha Live on a higher lever with added shows, an exotic presentation of dance and culture, with a more lushly decorated stage, more super star talent, and the best musicians from Hawaii . Aloha Live 2004 promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Raised on Maui, Willie Kahaiali`i (a.k.a. Willie K.) has been playing music and entertaining audiences since the age of 10. From the very beginning, Willie was influenced by and exposed to a myriad of musical genres; from Hawaiian to Jazz to early R&B he heard it all from his father`s side. Also performing is multi-Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner, Amy Hanaiali`i Gilliom who is one of Hawaiis shining stars and who has won the hearts of many with the resurrection of Ha`i (female falsetto singing). Her last four albums have won her Song of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Hawaiian Album of the Year, and Group of the Year.

The official website is at http://www.alohalive.com/ and there are music samples on the merchandise page.
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I checked memories but didn't find what I was looking for...

I need to get my wedding dress altered and would like a recomendation on any places. I prefer eastside, however if you know of a great one in Seattle please let me know.

Its my wedding dress... I am so afraid that the place will ruin it with black marks or stains of other cleaner's horrors that I want to try to get a place recommended to me rather than just take to whatever is close by.

Thanks so much!!!!
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Save Ginny Weasley!

I need help finding a venue or two for a great, quirky, kid-friendly band. They're called Harry and the Potters and - you guessed it - they play all Harry Potter stuff. Wizard Rock, they call it.

It's two brothers, who both bear a passing resemblance to Harry Potter and have two albums worth of Harry Potter themed material (their latest album: Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!). When they perform, they do it as Harry Potter year four and Harry Potter year seven. They are hilarious and lo-fi and have a really good-sized fan following among the 9-15 year old set as well as with older fans of the HP books.

Believe it or not, they're doing a nationwide tour this summer and they're looking for shows in the Seattle area (either in Seattle or out in the 'burbs) around July 20 and July 23. They've been having a hard time finding gigs in the area (they've struck out with the entire King County Library System thus far, which is a big blow since their usual venues are libraries).

If you want to get a better sense of what they're like (I'm finding them hard to encapsulate in an LJ entry), check out their website. They've got info on their tour there, as well as some songs you can listen to.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for places that might like to have them play, let me know! And I'm not talking clubs here, I'm talking bookstores, libraries, galleries, outdoor venues - things along those lines. Thanks, Seattle!
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apparently, metroblogging.com is still looking for people to fill out their team of Seattle weblog writers:
metblogs are a hyper-local look at what's going on in the city. a group of regional bloggers give each site a new perspective on daily life. less calendar listing, more friendly advice. [metroblogging ]

Thought that some of you might be interested ... follow the link to apply.