June 26th, 2004

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Nice older bike -- free if you pick it up this weekend

[Edit: The bike's gone -- it was spoken for twenty-one minutes after I posted.]

I'm cleaning out my garage prior to a move, and one of the things I unearthed was my early-'90s vintage Trek 1400 road bike. This was a pretty nice racing bike way back when -- it has an aluminum frame, Shimano 105 components, clipless pedals, and whatnot. The frame's 54 cm.

The bike was worth around $1000 new; it's yours for free or whatever you're willing to give for it if you can pick it up from Redmond today or tomorrow.

Full disclosure: The frame's got a small dent on the down tube. I have no idea how this affects the bike's ride, but it’s not a good thing anyway. Also, I haven't ridden the bike in close to a decade, so it needs some TLC before it’s roadworthy (truing the rims and adjusting the shifting and brakes at a minimum; repacking all of the bearings would be a good idea).

Email me at onceiwascool-at-livejournal.com with your phone number if you want it. If multiple people speak for it, then the person with the most compelling reason ("I'm a racer whose bike was stolen and I can't afford a new one") or neatest random item to offer in trade ("Here are a few CDs I don't listen to anymore", "Here's a million dollars in unmarked bills") takes it.

P.S. - chipperspragish and knandreux or jewelglitter, come get your Wired magazines and Morrissey single this weekend, or they're going in the trash as well...
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House & Techno benefit show tonight!

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The Phoenix (July 1-5) and Decibel (September 23-26) festivals don't just appear out of nowhere: They need mucho dinero to manifest. Hence this gig. You can generate revenue and good karma while witnessing many of Seattle's most talented producers and DJs flex their skills in Oseao's aesthetically pleasing environs. World-class tech-house artists Jeff Samuel and Jacob London are ably supported by local stalwarts Brandy Westmore, Nordic Soul, Eddie Nonog, and Jizosh and Swank. All of these folks will play the Phoenix's Rhythm Circuit Stage. Discounted Phoenix tix available at this event. Oseao Gallery of the Senses, 1402 E Pike St, 568-0291, 10 pm to after-hours, all ages, $7 before 2 am, $5 after. -Dave Segal, The Stranger


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Come to the ONLY regular all-ages goth/industrial night in Seattle tonight!

If more people don't start coming, the night won't continue. So whether you're underage or just want to support the scene, come check it out.

djxavier13 will play just about anything you request.
last week's play list: http://clublilas.com/playlists.html

2220 NW Market St, next door to The Gob Shop.
Every Saturday
Doors open at 9pm and close at 2am
Cover is $5.00
This is a non-alcoholic establishment.
Non-alcoholic beverages (water, soda, juice) will be available for purchase.
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Pho in W. Seattle

Does anyone know of a Vietnamese or Pho place in West Seattle? The only place that shows up anywhere online is a ways down on Delridge. It seems odd that there wouldn't be one closer to Admiral or the Junction area.

Someone should get Than Bros. to open one, they seem to be expanding a lot lately.