June 24th, 2004


Did YOU find a baby possum?!

Tuesday evening (the 22nd) around 1:30 am (technically weds morning the 23rd) a baby possum ran into subway on 45th and roosevelt.

a couple of people caught it and i think were planning on taking it home to be there pet...this little guy already has a home, and the owner came looking for it.

if you or anyone you know are the person/people who picked this guy up PLEASE email me, i have the owners info and he is willing to PAY A REWARD


the possum has a special way/place of going potty and eating etc. it is crucial to the health of the little guy to be returned to the owner

thank you and have a great day
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we're going out for korean bbq tonite and need suggestions! preferably in seattle or n. seattle, need to have grill at table cuz that's half the fun, and not too expensive.

we've eaten at four seasons before and it was good but i wouldn't mind trying a new place. thanks in advance.
Gulf of Mexico

What are the odds...

...of finding an apartment that you don't have to sign a lease for?

I am in the U District area and I don't know how long I am going to be here (6 months to infinity). For at least the first 9 months or so I would like to be on a month to month basis. I have a couple people who I want to live with and we are all more or less in this same transient state.