June 22nd, 2004

So I hear...

Clinton is coming to Issaquah or something for a book signing of his bio?

I mean, if it hasn't already happened. Because when it comes to keeping up with stuff like this, I'm the cerebral palsy kid in the wheelchair over there.

So can someone give me the dug up dirt on this?

If I'm not making any sense, please keep in mind that I'm writing at nearly 3AM when average human being is physiologically at their lowest ebb.


Hello everyone!

My name is Misty, I am 24 years old and am from California. My roommate and I are moving to Seattle in 1 month and we need some help from you all! We've never been to Seattle and we need some ideas on where to live, work, play and party. Any links would be appreciated, I am looking for all the info I can get before we leave. Thanks in advance. -Misty

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I am letting you all know that you this weekend is Seattle Pride! June 26th-27th. This year it is two days, so this means we need as many volunteers as possible. If you volunteer you will get a lovely gay pride t-shirt and free food and drink for every shift that you complete. The shifts are two hours long and start at 10:30 AM. The main posistions that we are trying to fill are Beverage Sales Booths. If you can spends any amount of time this weekend helping out please click on the link below and enter your info into the form. DO NOT WORRY YOUR INFO WILL NOT BE SOLD TO ANYONE. http://seattlepride.org/volunteer_form.php

Thanks in advance to all that sign up.

If you put in the comment section that you are from the Seattle Community from LiveJournal I will send you a special little thank you card or something nifty!

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Local Sketch Comedy and Stand Up

Hi everyone! I'll be hosting Peep Show, a fundraiser for Sketchfest Seattle, tonight at the Capitol Hill Arts Center at 8. It should be fun: drink specials, full bar and karaoke afterward.

See you there!

Another night of HI-larious Sketch and Stand-up is approaching!
Coming up Tuesday June 22:

The Short List - "combines wild energy with sly quirks." -- Joe
Adcock, Seattle PI

Rosalie Bahmer - she likes potatoes!

FURIOSO! Improv - an improvised 80's Slasher Film with all the
blood and buxom young ladies that you've come to expect of that
genre--only invisible!

As usual, expect drink specials and Karaoke!

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Art as Activism -mixing colors, body types, sexes, genders

I hope this is appropriate to post here. It's based on my past work as an artist/activist, where I've found "just plain folk" have more passion for expressing desires for justice (and having a good time) then many professional artists (I hope some Pro. A's are interested too)

I'd like to create a professional dance troupe that looked at "disabiliyhandicappedcrippleddisAbilityphysicallychallengedcrip" in a simular way that "race" and "Queer" are looked at & dealt with.

I'm now part of a choreographer's program (uh oh, here comes my attitude problem where people will be forced to talk to me about something besides their Uncle Jack who was in an accident 10 years ago)

But I have no dancers!

So I'm looking for some. Contact me if you want to be a part of a project (at some point) that will gradually take form (but has none now) or have references for me or skills that might be of mutual benefit later (photography/accounting/grant writing/whatever)

I have a flyer of an example of what I'm thinking of but not wanting to post it.

An example of something slightly similar is Axis http://www.axisdance.org/

but my style deals with race, is full on and I like seeing naked people in body paint, so let me know

funding, rehersal space, equipment donations are always appreciated and get free tickets (once this project forms)

Book Event Tonight

For those of you interested, Jerome Richards, author of the newly released novel Kiss of the Prison Dancer, is doing a reading and signing at Queen Anne Books at 7:00 tonight. The book is pretty amazing... it's about a survivor of the concentration camps living in San Francisco in the 1970s who witnesses part of a crime and ends up being faced with an ethical dilemma about his responsibility to get involved -- the guilty party is a young man who seems like he should be innocent and the wrongly accused party is a neo-Nazi who looks like he should be found guilty. Well written and thought provoking and all around a good book.

Queen Anne Books is at 1811 Queen Anne Avenue North, just behind El Diablo coffee at the top of Queen Anne hill.

Upcoming event in Everett.

The Everett Technology Group “ETG” invites you to join us in an informal, relaxed atmosphere to meet technology professionals from the Snohomish County area. Meet a tech, mingle with IT managers, learn who is doing what, find a person to help solve a technical problem or just come for the food and drinks and spend an enjoyable evening.

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I have to find somewhere in Seattle to get Windows XP service pack 1 in order to get back online now. Why you ask? Because I had to do a whole big repair install of Windows; there were just too many system files corrupted; and while my computer is running LITERALLY speedy wonderful right now, I can't connect to the internet until I get either the Service Pack or a wireless network card. So yeah.

Seattle people? Anyone? I would kill for that CD. Text me if you can get it to me, or leave a comment. I can't download it from someone, as my connection is just too slow.


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Global Day of Action on June 24th (this Thursday!). We need you to come to

Seattle will join with others to march on the Republican National
Committee headquarters to tear up Bush's empty promises on AIDS. Not only
has he underfunded his own AIDS program, he has included many strings to
receiving aid. We will tear up an oversized check for $15 Billion marked
"insufficient funds".
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Wanted: Room mate

I've already found the apt complex I want to live in...
Park Meridian Apts, which is on 112th and Meridian (VERY close to NSCC, Northgate, Transit Center, and NorthWest Hospital.)

Rent has variable options.
+Move in rent: $850 (first and last month free)
OR Prorate at $730/month.

Two bedroom apt, second floor. South facing unit.
One bathroom, nice kitchen and 'living space'.
Pets are okay, with a small pet deposit.
Secured entrance, with intercom. Washer/Dryer *not in unit* but, in complex.
Fridge, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal...
The ONLY utility you need to pay is electricity.
Comcast cable and/or internet available.
Parking is free, unless you want a covered parking space. Storage units are available for $10/month.
Each unit has its own balcony.
New paint and bathroom floor has been replaced.

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Call my cell phone: (206)818-0759
or email scarlet4ever at hotmail dot com.

PS: I would like to move in ASAP! (The manager is going on vacation June 30th- July 7th. I would like to move in before that happens. I realize that this is possibly unrealistic, but that's what I'm looking for. This is not set in stone, and I am flexible.
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