June 21st, 2004

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Unsung....The World Premiere of my movie!!!!!

This is the karaoke movie I wrote and have been working on for over a year. We filmed alot of it at the Twilight Exit, and it's all about karaoke videos and features all local indie music. COME SEE IT!!!!

Afterward, we're all taking over the back porch of the Twilight Exit and drinking it up for a post-movie party.

Unsung, a locally produced independent film about those wacky karaoke videos and the wannabes and derelicts that make them, will premiere for the first time anywhere.

A dark comedy filmed in Seattle, Unsung takes a look back at how successful karaoke video producer Bruce and his best friend Chuck discovered the path to half-wit glory in making karaoke videos.
Reverberating with an all-Northwest soundtrack, Unsung whips a hilarious fantasyland of indie karaoke greatness.

Featuring music from Carissa's Weird, The Catch, Climax Golden Twins, The Divorce, Juhu Beach, Kinski, Leuko, The Long Winters, Malinks, Sinestro, The Thermals, Visqueen, Jen Wood

Henry Art Gallery
15th Ave NE & NE 41st St.
Saturday, June 26, 7 p.m.
Suggested $5 donation

Our website, for more info about the movie

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neat events this week

this thursday is the kickoff party for ladyfest seattle. i'll be going to see mirah and trespassers william (other musical performers are the buttersprites, anna oxygen, dear nora, elletee). thursday also has performance art, film, a fashion show/auction & more.

the rest of the festival takes place friday-sunday and has punk rock aerobics, how to dj, burlesque for beginners, pasty-making, and a lot of other workshops, music, film, art, etc. it's nonprofit and everyone involved is a volunteer. some of the funds are donated to aradia health center and amnesty international.

(i'm not involved in the event. i've just noticed that they don't seem to have done much advertising and it hasn't gotten much press, so i figured i'd spread the word.)
oh boy

Shocking and Awesome: the NoBush.info Team Beautifies Columbia City

Here's an update on my postering situation:

When we last saw our hero, he was woken up from a nap at 5pm by his Rental Managers (SEED's unwilling underlings) and forced to remove an 11x17 print of this poster from his living-room window,

Last night, our NoBush.info team met up with Amy from The Stranger and put up over 100 anti-Bush, anti-Government, and anti-Ignorance posters all over this neighborhood.

We did a walk up and down South Ferdinand, and also all the way down Rainier to the light and utility poles in from of SEED's office.

Oh yes, there's lots more...
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