June 20th, 2004

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I posted a few weeks ago that I was looking for a good place to get hot dogs. Well, I finally found one that (and I don't think anyone posted about this place...) is worth giving a thumbs up to. It's a small place in Pikes Market that is across from the newspaper stand right on 1st Ave. It's a tiny little glassed in old fashioned ice cream and floats stand and has extremely good steamed Coney Island style hot dogs (all beef too, if I recall correctly). Anyone that has lived in the New York area should know what a good hot dog is like and this is the closest thing I have found so far.

I wish I knew the name of the place. ;-)
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If in the Seattle area and would like to meet...

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If anyone is interested in helping,
no way I can do this alone:

I would like to get a lasting non-partisan student activist umbrella network here in Washington state off the ground. The network - ideally - would not be limited just to universities, but students of all ages. The groups within the network would continue to work indepentantly of one another, but open communication between students would allow us to work together more effectively - solidarity will provide strength in numbers when needed.

Working, networking, and creating local community based activist groups would be strongly encouraged. A lot of us are busy studying, so we cannot devote our full time and attention toward making a difference. I believe the group should focus, but not be limited to, local activism at collegiate, city, and state levels. If we work together - get organized, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. There is so much bullshit going on right here in our own backyard, and we should - can do something about it.

I belong to a group at Washington State University called Students Against Apathy. Our fledgling group came into being last November. Private donations have given us the base equity to get some things done around campus and community. We hope to really get the ball rolling come fall semester.

I do not know if such groups already exist at other Washington universities. If any of you know of such groups, or are currently members of such groups, please forward contact information. If this takes off, a community and website could be up and running soon. I am currently in the Seattle area for the summer, so if anyone from the Washington's universities is interested in meeting up to talk about this further let me know.

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Recycled Cycles: Good show

Last weekend, I at long last bought a bike: my main criteria were price (everyone has a budget), comfort, quality and conventionality. In short, I wanted one that would be easy to get parts for in places like El Paso, Texas, that would be reasonable, efficient transport on urban and suburban surfaces, that would fit on Ye Olde Ordinairee Wagonne Rack, and would do OK on the odd dirt / gravel trail (or poorly kept road). I was not looking for one geared toward things I do not do, such as endanger myself on steep dirt trails covered with ice while being chased by unfriendly goats. I had a happy purchase experience at Recycled Cycles, about which, if you're interested, I wrote a bit about below. (Also: Anyone want to buy a BikeE, a rescuable victim of benign neglect? Make me an offer ;) )

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