June 19th, 2004

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against stupidity..

When I moved to seattle 3 yrs ago I was told that Northwest has the best driving sense in the whole country. While the drivers here are much better than, say, San Francisco, every single day I find several drivers who choose the busiest highways and interesections to display their extreme stupidity.

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skateboard decks

i'm looking for a smallish(20-25) quantity of unprinted/blank/unfinished skateboard decks. Does anyone know of any skateboard manufacturuers in Seattle or outskirts that might sell cheap blank decks?
malaika/oscar orig

Anyone know what this is?

My husband and I saw a little copper colored creature this morning scooting down the shared driveway. It wasn't using its back legs but was getting around OK. It must have hurt itself somehow. We went back to look for it, to see if we could catch it and bring it somewhere to get checked out, but when we parked our car and walked back we couldn't find it.

Description: Small reddish/copper color. It looked sort of like a ferrett or something in the mongoose family. It must have been a baby, because it was very small. It definitely wasn't a baby squirrel as it had strange ears like a ferrett does, and no tail I think. I wish we could have saved it. We just hope it gets put out of its misery quickly by one of the neighborhood cats.

We just moved here from New England, and I have never seen anything like this on the East Coast, so maybe I'm just seeing something that is common around here?
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anyone selling a bike?**

i should have known better than to assume my bike would cooperate after i abandoned her for three months.
my chain won't stay on and my rear brakes are shot.

well fuck.

**must be used and under 50 bucks. the wackier the better.

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Ok, it's that time of the year. Lease is coming up.

We need one more roomate. Sadly, Chris is leaving. Michael needs a bigger place since he now has a fiance and all.

Issac from B-ham is moving in with us and he is awesome.

We need one more roomate though.

We have a dog. He's a little Corgi puppy, you allergic or don't like dogs? Don't live here.

We're very far from being PC, if you're easily offended don't move in. Seriously.

No drugs/smoke/alcohol in the house. Whatever you do outside in your own time is up to you.

If you make a mess, clean your own shit up. I can't stress that enough, please, no pigs. <3

Rent is dirt cheap , and the location is amazing.

250 a month + about 25 for Cable Internet/Tv and utilities.

5010 19th ave ne. In the U district, 3 blocks from the ave and UW.
We're a bunch of nerds that sit around and play video games all day. Have 8-5 jobs, so we need sleep.

If interested get ahold of me. Or know anyone that is.

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