June 17th, 2004

Slightly more serious than the Degrassi Question


Our unmoving-but-fixable car is just an all-around burden right now. Even fixed, it would be too expensive to keep (insurance and gas are a pain these days). So we decided to sell it. Does anybody have any recommendations for a good lot or other business where we can take it to sell? The car is a 1993 Ford Taurus. We know we won't get much money for it, but the hope is that it will bring us close to the deposits and what-not for moving into a new apartment. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks in advance! :-)
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walk in clinic?

Does anyone know of a walk in/drop in medical clinic in the capitol hill area?
My regular doctor is out of my travel range and I just need someone in a pinch.
Country Doctor seems possible - do they allow walk-ins?
I have insurance but will pay out of pocket to be seen.

thanks for any info.
(sorry if i missed this info in the memories section :\)

seattle swap/trade/free goods website?

i couldn't find the information i'm looking for in the memories...

help me out, i used to know this one: other than looking at the typical free classifieds in the paper or on craigslist, i used to know of a website designed as a swap/trade service for the seattle area.

with your fine assistance, i may soon be able to barter my way to xanadu. thank you.

A site

that I'm really proud to have been a part of building.


They are still building some of the individual state information. I have a couple of huge turnout.org tshirts available to me here, some bumper stickers, a couple of 4th of specialized 4th of July flags, and some smaller stickers. Comment if you would like one. :)
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oh boy

(no subject)

Got a message from the property manager this morning about hanging my friend's poster where it is visible from the street.
The poster looks like this:
"I'm calling you in reference to the poster that you have hanging in your window. SEED company does not involve itself in any politics, and because it's part of the building, I need to ask you to please remove it. If you have any questions, give me a call, and I'll talk to you more. Bye, have a great day."

My question is: can they do that?
I know we have some wacky laws in Seattle (and Washington in general) but I want to have some kind of actual knowledge about this before I call her back.
By the way, I'm pretty damn sure the lease doesn't mention anything like this-- part of the reason I went for this unit was the street visibility of anything political in my living room window.
Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Tonight at the Vogue!

Clown College!!

Yes, Clown College has moved from its original Tuesday slot, to Thursdays.

Come out to the Vogue tonight and support the night.
$2 cover before 10pm, $3 after.

Drink specials: ie... $2 rum and cokes

Open Mic

Tonight 7-10 is open mic at HOTWIRE CAFE in Shoreline. Yours truly will again be reading poetry from her vast selection. No singing this time, however. Har.

Please join! I'll be there about 8:15 wearing a bright lime green coat and looking oh so dyke-a-liscious. EH?

Again, this place has the BEST COFFEE IN SEATTLE hands down..organic, computers, food rocks...etc. If you don't believe me, I'll buy you a cup AFTER you show up and try it.

Lotsa Love

Golf help

I checked the memories, but no luck there.

Does anyone know where I can take some golf lessons? I live in Seattle, but I am willing to take a little drive. I've golfed before, but it's been a long, long time. With the weather shaping up like it has been, I would really like to get some new outside hobbies besides kayaking and hiking.

Thanks for you help in advance.
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(no subject)

bye bye Seattle!
Now I go to Mexico to live.

I have lived here since 1985.
I moved here from my religious cave, scared of the big city. I carried two wallets because I assumed I would be mugged. :)
I never was.... and I deserve many jaywalking tickets I have never gotten.

I love Seattle. I love its many ways. I have seen it change a lot. In many ways it is the perfect city.

Now I leave. I have sold and given away many many things.
Mexico will have new culture to learn, and I need to imporve my spanish.
the place I got is near Patzcuaro. An amazing part of mexico. Magical. Nice people. Low crime. beautiful architecture and natural places.

I will live here:
On an eco-farm I will make on the 83 acres I bought. After I fix some rooves and build some things I will be able to have others down to help create a cool space and culture. Some to visit for a week or month, others to live there.
I want lots of creation of art, good healthy living. We will make the space drug free just to keep the focus on creating greater depth. If you want to be on the list of initial visitors, let me know what kind of thing you would want to create and I will see if we have compatible visions and if there can be a spot for you in the coming years.
I do already have my initial invite list for the first wave. They will have to be pretty tough. We will setup solar power systems, gardens, structures etc.

So bye bye Seattle. I love you. I love the troll and the sound gardens.

I will likely not be on email much for a while until I setup a satilite dish there.

Have you seen this dog?

He's always hanging out around Capitol Hill, outside of bars & stores, on the sidewalk—when his owner is inside. Apparently, this week someone decided they wanted to be Dinky's new owner, so they swiped him. If you've seen Dinky, let me know, and I'll pass the info on to the rightful owner.

Dinky's a good dog. Help bring him home!


Kittens from O'hara's Pet Shop

Yes, I know this is a shot in the dark, but I've been curious for some time. Anyone remember the old pet store on Queen Anne called, O'hara's (sp.)? It had a big red macaw parrot painted on the window. When I was a kid many stray kittens would end up at my house, and we'd give them to this pet shop so they could have homes. There were many litters I gave to them. Often they gave the little guys away to friends rather than selling them. If anyone got kittens from them, I'd appreciate any information on them. I know it sounds silly, but I'm sentimental lately, and I spent a great deal of time taking care of the fuzz balls. I just thought I would see if I could find out what their homes were like.
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