June 16th, 2004

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So.. what's happening on top of the Space Needle? It looks like there's a huge green tarp draped over the top. Are they getting ready for the 4th of July already?

edit: I took a photo of it from my deck:

Boink 182/No doubt


If you are interested in paying $60 for 1 GA/PIT ticket (that's right you can get 10' away from gwen or the boys from blink) call my cell phone ASAP. I've got one ticket left and I'm selling it at face value.

The show is at White River amphitheatre and it starts at 7pm

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in search of...


The Paradox is currently in the process of opening an espresso bar in the concessions lounge of their new space.
We are looking for a few good baristas out there (experience needed - as is accountability) who are interested in volunteering to work the bar during Paradox shows.

Espresso at a rock show? Yes.
Where would this money go to? All proceeds go to the Paradox volunteer fund which in turn provides money for volunteer t-shirts, hospitality, appreciation gifts and much more.

As a barista for the Paradox, you take home any tips you receive for the night. You will also be given one spot on the house guest list for a friend to see any of our shows.

Interested? Questions? Please contact me at alicia at the paradox dot org

I will ask for a resume or list of past employers involving your coffee-making experience.


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Reporters Wanted

has been a strong art and poetry presences online since 1998 and we've recently made big leaps into expanding our cloak over the art community. This is were our volunteer reporters come into play.

We do not demand writing samples of our reporters at this time. It's a big world and we've plenty of room to give people a chance. So we welcome anyone and everyone on board to represent your area at this time.

Take a look at our current news section at http://dash30dash.com/news/index.html to get an idea of the articles we run. Right now we're looking for reviews of gallery opening, artists group performances (Circ' De Soleil, blue man group, etc) and so on.

This is a noncommision position But your work will be see by several thousand visitors per month. As compensation, along side all articles will be your byline, picture, a short bio, and a link to your email/URL (if you want).

At this time we are especially interested in finding reporters in the Los Angeles, Manhattan, Seattle and Philadelphia areas, but reporters from other areas are welcome as well.

Feel free to reply to this post or email reporters @ dash30dash.com (please put 'Reporter Position' in the subject, or you risk having your email lost in our anti spam software.)

i'm the 6th simpson

Update- Thanks for the suggestions!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions to my post the other day inquiring which Barnes & Noble I should transfer to! I decided to re-think my decisions and I opted for the Downtown store. Coincidently, they are also the store that was first to contact me, and I had my phone interview last night. I got a call at work this morning saying I got the transfer!

I decided to take the bus from Tukwila as to avoid parking/traffic issues. Unknown to me, my sisters work supplies her with a bus pass which she doesnt use, so she is giving it to me. Definately better than paying for parking and gas!

Anyway, just wanted to thank you all for your help and suggestions!
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Buy My Sewing Machine!

I have a deluxe, free-arm, Singer sewing machine model 2112 for sale.

$100 or possibly best offer.

I believe those models were made in the late 80's. I recently took it to the Singer store in Bellevue and they said it was in excellent condition. The motor is a little slow because it needs to be cleaned but other than that it's perfect. I still have it's original box and directions on how to thread the thing and whatnot.

Feel free to e-mail me or comment!
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I've got a '67 Beetle that I need to sell this summer. The problem is I lost the keys last January and obviously I can't sell this car now unless someone wants to tow it away and keep it for ornamental reasons.

My question is - who must I call around here to get a new ignition/new locks and new keys for an old VW?
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cops vs. speed: just a touch bitter

On my way back from Sea-Tac Airport today, about 5:50 a.m. Seattle time, on northbound I-5, a police car in the rear-view mirror (but not very close) spurred me to check my speedometer. As usual, and like the rest of traffic, I was a bit (6 or 7 miles) past the laughable suggested speed -- 60 there, which was a pretty pokey but acceptable speed given the traffic / road conditions / visibility / other-cars situation, but Hey.

So I casually slowed to the posted number as the police car got closer, not that I thought he was interested in me, but simply because avoiding tickets is good financial policy. The speed limit isn't good enough for police cars, though, so car 429 cruised past (passing on the right, thanksverymuch -- don't they teach you about polite driving in the Police Academy?) to take exit 163 at something close to the speed I'd been going before (close to 70).

I don't resent his speed in particular, and the guy who drives car 429 may be just as annoyed by the posted speed as any reasonable civilian. It just bugs me that the same folks who can cruise at what I'll call low-to-rational speeds are the same ones who can pull other drivers over for doing the same. And since they naturally can't service each driving citizen, they get to pick and choose which drivers get the attention. Arguments about racial profiling really aren't the whole point: the bigger thing is that since the law is enforced arbitrarily, *any* factor, including pique, may be the deciding one.

(Aside: I wouldn't mind seeing some people pulled over for things like failing to use turn-indicator signals, creating a traffic hazard, but for some reason that never happens.)

Less than 30 seconds after car 429 demonstrated the typical police attitude toward traffic laws (for thee and not for me), I was passed at a similar speed by a state trooper. At least he passed on the left.
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