June 15th, 2004


breakdancing classes in seattle...

anyone know of any?

i heard there were some up at oseao studios awhile back...but this was well before i moved to hawaii. just moved back to the mainland, and want to find a crew to practice/play with.


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Sketch Comedy Discount


Sneak a peak at Seattle's hottest sketch and stand up in Peep Show by SketchFest Seattle - the newest artists in CHAC's Residencies Series. New works from Seattle's brightest sketch comedy groups coming every Tuesday in June to CHAC Lower Level.

Bring a friend for Free -- See Peep Show at half price.

Another night of great Sketch and Stand-up is on the way! Coming up Tuesday June 15:

Train of Thought - "A likable trio, and when they click together they suggest great things." - Bret Fetzer, The Stranger

Sadie Hawkins Experience - the musical comedy from Michele Colyn
and Meghan Hounshell brings families together and makes the
country a safer, kinder place to live.

The 13th Step - Unexpected and disturbing humor best enjoyed after
a few drinks.

For this night only, you and a friend can see the show, for the price of one admission ($10) -- Just use our Peep Show password at the door:

"Rubber Chicken "

As usual, expect drink specials and Karaoke! More Details below


Where: CAPITOL HILL ARTS CENTER LOWER LEVEL - 1621 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

When: Every Tuesday in June: 15, 22 & 29

All shows start at 8pm, followed by karaoke at 10pm

How Much: Just $10 at the door!

More Info Online!
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(no subject)

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post and provided me with some wonderful resources. I've spent many happy hours reading now and I have to say that I am more convinced than ever that Seattle (and Western Washington in general) is indeed home.

However, I mentioned that I was also considering Tacoma. Someone mentioned that I should avoid living in Tacoma. Can anyone elaborate as to why? My ex-partner has family that lives there and when I visited last year, I had a lovely time. I also had a lovely time in Olympia. Is Tacoma a horribly evil place to live? (I am aware of that...odd...smell I encountered on the way from Seattle to Tacoma.)



Who:  Cast members of  Seattle's own JET CITY IMPROV combining their improv prowess to bring you a show that will keep you singing in the shower all week long.


What:  An entirely improvised musical based on your suggestions.  The show features  a live 3 piece band, live dancing, and real singing!


When:  Every Thursday and Friday through June and July ( June: 3,4 + 10,11 + 17,18  -- July:  1,2 + 8,9 + 15,16 + 22,23)


Where:  The Historic University Theater -- 5510 University Way NE, Seattle WA -- In the heart of the University District


Cost:  $9 plus student discounts...just mention this LJ ad!






Buying SCSI drives

I'm trying to buy a scsi drive tonight to replace a drive that failed on my home system. But all the computer stores I've called tell me that they don't keep scsi drives in stock. The only place that has them in stock is Hard Drives NW. But there's no way for me to make it to Bellevue by 6p. Does anyone know of a place that is either open later or is in Seattle that sells 68 pin 36 gig (or more) 10K rpm scsi drives?
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(no subject)

i love cafe lalibella on cherry, but does anyone like any of the other ethiopian restaurants that they think are just as great or better? the food at lalibella is tops, but the service is really not in my opinion. so if you like another one more, let me know---and keep in mind that i'm vegan.

thank you!

Focussing on the little things.

So we have to move before the month is up. And I'm trying to find a job. And so's the girlfriend. And our car is dead and unmoving behind what is soon to be our former residence. So, yeah, life's pretty stressful right about now. On to much more important things.

We got hooked on Degrassi: the Next Generation during the relative wealth of our recent history. Despite the fact that we're both fully grown adults, we must watch whenever we can. Let's call it nostalgia, or let's say it is one of the better things on TV for a couple of homebodies to watch on a Friday night. Let's just not point out that it's a little silly and maybe a little sad :-)

But now, tragedy strikes. Along with no house, no car, and no job, we will have no more digital cable. That means no more Degrassi! Whatever shall we do? Do other people in Seattle (hopefully somewhere around Capitol Hill) gather to share their painful addiction to Canadian teenage melodrama? And if there are, would they welcome two new guests? We can start bringing snacks and Kraft dinners and whatever else once we've got money coming in again.

Of course, if it's just us, you can feel free to poke fun and point and laugh as much as you like. This dude is going to go in the corner and hang his head in shame now. Well, mock shame.
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I've been going to Jacqueline at Wax On to get my eyebrows shaped for the past year. However, she has recently left Wax On. Can anybody 1) tell me which salon she's gone to or 2) recommend a good waxer? Thanks!
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I'm thinking about my broadband connection at home. Not sure if I want to keep what I have or not. So, a few questions:

Who do you use?
Do you recommend them?
Cable or DSL?
What are the prices?

Comcast seems to have decent prices. Anyone have experience with them?



So, Theif, you want a piece of me? Well, you're gonna get a can of WHOOP-ASS, MUTHA-FUCK'A!


It appears that someone came into my apartment AGAIN TODAY WHEN I WAS NOT HOME!!!!!!!!! Whomever it was left my BACKDOOR and SCREEN DOORS OPEN and MESSED SHIT UP IN MY BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seattle Police just left, and the nice man said that all he could do is RECORD THE INCIDENT IN CASE "PATTERNS" start to OCCUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*straightens clothes and brushes messed hair from face*

I'm not pissed off or anything.

Do I need to remind you?? THIS IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!

Prepare to FIGHT, Warrior Devil Landlord! I'm FILING A LAW SUIT ON YOUR ASS!


I'm getting renter's insurance tomorrow.

*straightens skirt and walks away*

(Those of you in Seattle not in the know, 10 days ago a nice man tried to enter my apartment saying that he worked for my landlord, WITHOUT giving me 48 hours' notice. The management company who usually sends the maintenance men out - and I had not made a call - knew nothing about it... suspicious, yes, AND ILLEGAL. He isn't getting off the second time, and I better not get robbed or raped tonight, or robbed tomorrow before my renters' insurance begins. Fuck.)

Thank you Seattle. I feel better now. I [heart] you.

ETA: By the way, when I say they left the doors open, I don't mean unlocked, I MEAN OPEN, as in O-P-E-N.

(no subject)

hey. i was just wondering if any of you know of any acting or theater related things in seattle (preferably not horribly far from the u-district) for total amateurs to get involved in. i've always thought acting/being involved in theater seemed like something i'd enjoy and the more people i talk to, the more i think so. only thing is, i've never done it and i have no training or experience. i figured this was the best place to come to first, just to see if anyone had any ideas or knew of anything... thanks in advance.