June 14th, 2004

Bad Bush - XPOSTED

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guitarist wanted

I am looking for a guitarist to play one song with me at a small wedding (50ish people) July 10th north of Seattle. The song will probably be Shania Twains' "You've Got a Way." This is my gift to the bride; it's not a gig I'm getting paid for, but I am willing to pay you if you fit what I am looking for. It'll be short, sweet and have an open bar afterwards. Please feel free to contact me at savsabrina@yahoo.com for questions and more info. Thanks!
Fear Kali

Good People of Seattle.

I have a lovely, fluffy king size featherbed that I would like to have cleaned. Normally, i would just throw it in the washer, but being that it is a king size featherbed, that isnt an option. So i ask you, what shall I do? is there a cleaner in the magnolia/ballard area that I should take it to? Or should I just find one of those random, weirdo infested laundry mats? Your help is very much appreciated!!!

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For Sale:

My roommate is trying to sell a waveless water bed (I think that is what it is called). It has a hollow mattress (in really good shape) along with the long tubes for water that go inside it. $30 or best offer. The one downside: you have to come to Factoria/Woodbridge to get it.
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Not moving to Seattle - Studio for sublease in Seattle

Ok so I got a really good job and I'm staying in Texas now.

HOWEVER - I was going to sublease this great studio in the U-district from another LJ'r

Let me know if you are interested. He said it was going for $425 and hell I'll pay $100 for the first two months - will be sent to the landlord though...

so that is $325 for two months worth of rent and thereafter you'll have to pay more til the lease is up etc etc.

email me about it hmosley at austin dot rr dot com


Attn: Seattle Area Purebred Dog Rescuers &/or Fanciers

A local animal hospital has taken in Jake, an adult German Shepherd. The owners brought him in on Sunday, June 13th (yesterday) for euthanasia, because they couldn't afford to properly care for or treat him. I'll leave out the rant on people who pay hundreds of dollars for a dog they can't afford to care for properly.

The clinic asked the owners to sign over Jake, so that they didn't have to euthanize him, hoping that he is treatable. Thus far he is responding. They can keep him until end of business tomorrow. After that, he goes to a shelter, if he's in good enough shape that the shelter personnel think he's adoptable. If not, he’ll be euthanized. In his favor are a lovely temperament and a constitution sturdy enough to have lasted this long without treatment or care.

Jake is currently being treated with donated meds, veterinary care, and time. He's in very bad shape, due to lack of adequate care, both basic and veterinary. The UGF, myself, and the loose network of animal welfare professionals in Seattle, are trying to find him a home.

Jake has some sort of skin problem, possibly genetic, related to a thyroid or pancreas disorder. He's lost all his fur, except a strip along his spine. He'll need daily medicated baths indefinitely, at the very least. If it's not just a skin allergy, he'll need meds and treatment for whatever the core problem is. He's about 70 lbs, but should be about 100 lbs. They're not sure if his weight is low due to inadequate food, or if it's related to his other problems. There's a German Shepherd specific disease that causes some dogs to be unable to get adequate nutrition from an otherwise perfectly suitable diet. Supplements can alleviate the issue, if he's with someone who can afford the tests to determine the problem, and provide ongoing care.

We can't take him, unfortunately, as Kafka is already special-needs, as well as dog aggressive. If you, or someone you know, can and will take on Jake, please comment or email me (mintwitch at livejournal dot com) and I will reply (via email) with the phone number of the clinic, and the contact person there.

/abject begging

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I am in the market for a new bed. Anyone looking to get rid of one?? I want one in pretty good shape but it doesn't have to be perfect.
Also, I am in the market for a couch. Preferably a futon.
If you have either of these to sell, post here. A picture would be awesome but if you can just describe it well, that'll work.

pitching a tent

Citizens of Seattle,

I'm helping a friend out with some research and thought you guys could help.

I'm looking for recommendations on places to go fly fishing and camping in the Washington State area. A couple of the things that would make this place ideal:

  • no more than a 3 hour drive from Seattle

  • can't have rattlesnakes (there may be dogs joining us on this trip)

  • must have yummy fish in the water

  • preferabily a place that's not a a formal campground... or a smaller sized campground

  • hiking a plus
If anyone can recommend such a place, I would really appreciate it. Basically, I'm trying to avoid another summer where I don't take advantage of the amazing nature we have around us. Also, if you know the place you're going to recommend has a website... a link would be appreciated as well! Thanks.

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Klingon Karaoke Slug

I am forwarding this great opportunity for teachers

Great Professional Development opportunities are available for teachers beginning in June at the new Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame! (Located at Seattle Center in the Experience Music Project Building )

Signing up for our series of four one-day summer workshops and evening lectures can earn you as much as 3 college credits through Seattle University, or take them individually for clock hours! Join us for a rare opportunity to learn from the amazing Dr. Paul Doherty, award-winning senior staff scientist at San Francisco's Exploratorium, and award-winning science fiction and science writers like Pat Murphy, John Kessel, and James Patrick Kelly.

Our website goes live on June 18th! "Tools for Teachers," including excellent curriculum and lesson plans that meet national standards for subjects such as science and English, will go up on August 20th. You can make a reservation to take your class on a field trip to SFM beginning August 16th as well. Stay tuned for excellent and entertaining educational opportunities! If you'd like more information about our events and education program, would like to join our teacher Education Advisory Board, or be on our email list or mailing list for our brochure, please contact us at education@sfhomeworld.org. Check out two of our professional development workshops below!

Best Regards,
Leslie Howle

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I was just wondering if any of you Warren Report members made reservations for Dodgeball tomorrow and can't go. My boyfriend got a seat but I didn't get a chance to reserve before they were all taken. Sooooo... if you don't want a strike against you, I'll go!