June 13th, 2004



I live in Seattle, but go to school in New York, and while I was there discovered the wonder that is hookah bars/cafes. Anyone ever been to one in Seattle, or know where I could find one?
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this is practically the girliest question ever but i'll ask anyways.

i get my nails done and i'm shopping for a new nail shop. i've only ever gotten them done on Queen Anne and in Ballard. i'm looking because i want some place that isn't too expensive for a fill and has decent service and people. anyone know anyplace? i'm looking for someplace that's around $15 or so for a fill, but of course less is always better. graci!!

also, does anyone have any DMB tickets for Saturday, the 4th that they'd be willing to sell?

and also, does anyone have a twin mattress/box spring they're getting rid of and would be willing to give me? double thanks.

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Despite how often I claim that I'm not a moron, the tangible evidence against me is mounting. I managed to lock my keys in my apartment. *sigh*. My roommate is gone until late next week, and I've been unable to get ahold of my landlord as of yet.

So, can anybody reccommend a locksmith? Does anyone know what a reasonable price is for opening a door (the door-handle lock only, as the deadbolt is not thrown?) Is it cheaper to call them during weekday-business hours than say, on a Sunday night?

(I tried checking the memories, but when I go there, regardless of what filter I choose, it says no memories found. If someone wants to direct me to a previous post on this, feel free to link it here or comment on my journal and I'll take this post down. Thanks!)
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I tried to look in the memories but they don't seem to be working. I flipped through a lot of old entries in here, too, but this question hasn't been asked recently:

Can you recommend an _excellent_ dermatologist? It is, as strange as it sounds, a matter of life and death. I'm taking a medication that can develop a rash that can be harmless or kill me. And a really great dermatologist can usually tell the difference.

Any recommendations? I'll drive anywhere. It could, y'know, save my life and all. Thanks!
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stretch canvas?

I would like to learn how to make stretch canvases. Would anyone know any place, art store, or shop that deals with making art canvases? I would like to know this skill in order to make the specific dimensions for the canvases that I would paint on, rather than finding a canvas that meets the desired size.

U-district sublet.

So, I HAD a room to sublet awhile back. Then someone took it for the summer. Now, that person has gone AWOL and I'm short one subletter. This makes me angry. So now I'm back on the market on VERY short notice before the beginning of summer. That being the case, I'm willing to make a deal. I'll pay $100 each month of the total rent ($450) until the lease is up if you want the room. That's $350 a month. Now, come see the room.....

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Hi. I'm new to the community. I currently live in Kansas City, but I am on target to move to Seattle (or Tacoma) in 2006. As I start getting myself in the spirit of the relocation I would like to start reading news and scoping out television news sites for the area. Do any of you have any suggestions on websites I should try? Additionally, if anyone has any idea of where I could find some good histories of the city, I would GREATLY appreciate it.