June 10th, 2004

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I would like to thank everyone for their assistance in finding the guy I was asking about yesterday. We did end up finding him, with assistance from the community. Well we are 99.99999999% sure. (Im not so good with math though) *wink*wink*

So thanks everyone!
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Great Sketch Comedy! Last Weekend!

Last Chance to see Train of Thought – 1 Free

Like Saturday Night Live? Kids in the Hall? Monty Python? Then you'll love local Seattle Sketch Comedy group Train of Thought!

It’s the final weekend of our sketch comedy show Train of Thought > New York and we’re proud to offer a 2 for 1 special! Just say the secret password ‘Empire State Building’ and get one free admission with the purchase of a full price ticket. That’s only $5 each!

We’ve had a great response from critics and audiences alike:

“[Train of Thought is] a likable trio, and when they click together they suggest great things” – Bret Fetzer, The Stranger

“A must-see event for all Seattleites” - Chuck Foster, The Seattle Sinner

Plus, our theater features a full bar with drink specials and all the seating is comfy couches and lounge chairs! So come see a funny show, in a comfy chair with a stiff drink!

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More information is available at http://www.trainofthought.info/.

See you there!

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lost wallet...

I don't know how much this is going to help out, but hopefully it will.

I lost my wallet down on the waterfront of Lake Washington. Its a black and yellow wallet with a little bit of leather on it. If you or someone you know thinks you found it, I can describe it in more detail. But, in the meantime, do any of you have any suggestions on steps I can take to get it back, that would be VERY much appreciated! It has my school ID and my driver's license if that helps any for where I might be able to get it back!
i'm giving you lip.

it's worth a shot, maybe.

since this may or may not be completely off-topic and y'all may or may not want to kill me, i'll keep this short, sweet, and perfect for the utilization of your scroll wheel:

do you happen to be a computerphile with spare PC100 memory (even PC133) laying about? would you like to donate it to me? i and my computer would be greatly appreciative.

thanks. :)
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I've lived in Southern CA all my life, but most of my childhood vacation trips have been to Washington State. (Father has family there). It's gorgeous up there and I absolutely love the state and have debated whether I should move there.

I'll have my Bachelor's in Animal Science next June and would like to do some veterinary technician work out in the Seattle area, but I have to weigh out living expenses and the paying wages. Would any of you have any idea how much Vet Technicians get paid there?
Or if there are any jobs out there with the USDA or microbiological laboratories around?



Does anyone know of a place that is hiring 15 year olds for jobs?

I heard about a service thats involved with the seattle public libraries, helping kids from low incom families find jobs. Does anyone know more about that?

I would be ever so greatful! I need a job.

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have they announced any other bands for bumbershoot yet? i've been waiting FOREVER for any announcements other than what they've got up on the site.

any insiders on here wanna post something more than the pixies, nas, and "no thanks" nickelback?


hey. new to this community (and lv for that matter) -- nice to see a community that actually has posts. -- i live east of seattle, on the sammamish plateu. 21/m/homo/dork/go to bcc/live for music/blah blah -- hope everyone is well. -- adam
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Two robins eggs...help!

Does anyone know anything about caring for two robin's eggs that fell out of a tree? Tonight, the mentally disabled girl next door shook a tree in the green belt behind my house, my two girls brought the eggs to me. I have a little nest I bought for decoration and have placed the eggs in there with some torn kleenex. I have the nest placed in a bowl sitting on top of my stove with the range light on. Will this keep them warm enough? My friend told me the chances of survival are next to nothing and then if they hatch it's impossible to care for them.
Any ideas or suggestions?
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