June 9th, 2004

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So do any of you know this guy? I met him this weekend in San Francisco and he lives in/around Seattle (Redmond maybe?). He gave us his email address to get pictures to him - but I'm apparently a ditz and I managed to lose it. So I am resorting to LJ communities to help us find this funny guy. His name is Sam Feather and works at a popular restaurant that is a bar and restaurant like Chili's or TGI Fridays but I dont remember which ...and I REALLY appreciate any/all assistance.

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I have a question, if anyone remembers this:

Wasn't a 'law' passed in washington state that insurance companies could no longer use your credit rating to determine car insurance rates?

if so, does anyone know why some companies are still looking at your credit report?




I am looking for an energetic choir/gospel church near or around the U-district...some people said maybe the Central District but where? I want to go to a church where everyone is screaming Amen and all that good stuff...with a good choir etc...does anyone out there know of such a place?

The atmosphere is what I'm really looking for as well as the music...

Any help is appreciated...
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For personal and financial reasons I am selling my ONE ticket for the SOLD OUT Skinny Puppy concert at the Showbox this Saturday, June 12th.

The ticket originally cost around $35 and I *AM* hoping to sell it for more than face value.


edited: SOLD!
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Jan 2 2010

One free music download - Free

Ok if you take it, reply here so everyone else doesn't register and try to use it.

I had a big mac - nasty as can be - I don't see myself eating another one to get another free download ANYTIME in the next few months/year - just a wild hair I guess.

Anyway...it says you have to do the following:

go to www.connect.com
click on mcd's logo
choose your song
enter code: MJG7R4TWCJJR

Whoever cares to use...you are welcome - enjoy
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Bike Shops

I need to take my bike in for a tune up and have a few things added/removed. I was wondering if someone could recommend a shop with pretty fast turn around. Seattle or Bellevue area is ok. It is a mountain bike if that matters



which would be the better choice?

I am moving to the Seattle area in August, and my job (barnes & noble)is giving me a transfer into one of three store locations...Downtown, UV, or Federal Way.
I will be living in Tukwila. I would rather not work directly downtown, so of Federal Way and University Village, which would be closest to Tukwila, and if any of you have been to either of those stores, which one is larger, busier, cleaner, etc. I'd rather work in a larger busier store, as I am transfering from a high volume store, and I perfer when its busy to when there is nothing to do. Also, more customers=more chance of getting hours.

Thanks in advance for any responses :)

Laser Tag

Does anyone know any laser tag places in the Seattle area?

I seem to remember that there was a "Zap City" in one of the malls in the Puyallup area, but I can't find it in the phone book.

Anyone have any suggestions?