June 8th, 2004


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I'm probably going to get totally bickered at for this, but I feel the need to raise awareness.

Have you noticed all of the signature gatherers out there in downtown Seattle? Usually they're paid, and according to Washington State Council of County and City Employees, some signature gatherers get paid 3 dollars a signature for something that they themselves may not even support. So think about it, if they get 10 signatures in an hour, they'll be making $30 dollars an hour. And on an 8 hour shift, that's $240 a day. These signature gatherers motivation is not to make a "change for the better," their motivation is to make money. So they tell you their spiel hoping to get you to sign. (In my opinion, this is essentially buying votes.) So the next time you come across a signature gatherer, you should ask if they are getting paid. Chances are, they are making the initiative sound good to you so that you will sign and they will make money. Do you really want someone else to profit off of your signature? Do you really want to hear a proposed initiative from a salesman rather than from an unbiased report? Be careful out there and read before you sign!

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The engine in my car just went from drivable...to paperweight in 6.3 seconds.

I (used to) drive a BMW 528e 4 door sedan, automatic.

I'm looking to sell it, private party or have a wrecker buy it from me to part out.

Aurora Auto Wreckers don't sound like they are going to take unless I beg.

Aside from the engine (which is 3-5K to fix) the body is only in less than decent shape. The exterior panels are in fine condition, but the interior seats/upholstery is not worth much.

I also have a nice stereo that I put in, that I'd be looking to sell/take out before I sell the car.

Any suggestions on who to talk to would be great.