June 7th, 2004


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I'm not sure if this is even true, so I am posting it here to find out.
A guy where I work heard something about amnesty for deadbeat dads on the news the other day. Im assuming that he only caught half of it, but he thinks that the day for amnesty is June 10th and he wanted me to find out more about it for him. I have searched the metrokc and the access.wa websites and all I can find was traffic violation amnesty in October of last year.
Anyone? Anything? Help!

CDs for sale

I'm leaving Seattle and going back home to California in about a month and I have an absurd amount of CDs that I seriously no longer listen to. Plus, I need the extra cash for when I get home to hold me over until I find a job. I want $2 a CD, but I don't exactly want someone to tell me they only want 1 or 2. (I'm hoping for someone to buy in bulk, lets say: 25 CD minimum?) Some of the cases are cracked, some have surface scratches, but as far as I know, all are in perfect playing condition and none skip.

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Feel free to email me : ivanahumpalot@ivana-humpalot.com
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Seattle OB/GYN?

I'm moving to Seattle soon from Boston. I've searched the memories section, but didn't see any recommendations for Seattle proper. I don't have insurance, so I can go to just about anyone. I do, however, require that they be up to date with current literature and thought. I have unnecessarcy scars from a previous out-of-touch OB/GYN.
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More Things To Be Rid Of

1) Two tickets to tonight's M's game--Section 124, Row 17, Seats 1 & 2 (actually, that might be seats 3 & 4, I'll check on that later). This means first base line, 17 rows away from the field, directly behind the dugout. Face value is $38 each, I'll take $50 for both of them.

2) Two tickets to a thursday night showing of The Chronicles Of Riddick. Free.

leave a comment or send mail to maggi.m@gmail.com
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Bumbershoot On MP3 Dot Com Front Page

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bWristbands and Handstamps

A huge array of music festivals--many scheduled for this summer--boasts every imaginable style of music. Including whistling.

By Charles Hodgkins

As the curtain rises on another summer, it unveils heaps of North American music lovers planning to attend festivals of all slants and sizes. From huge events such as the long-running JVC Jazz Festival Newport (Rhode Island) and Seattle's massively eclectic Bumbershoot, to niche-oriented gatherings like the De Stijl Festival of Music (which features experimental music in the basement of an abandoned Minneapolis church) and the clothing-optional Avalon Annual Folkfest (held in Paw Paw, West Virginia), there's an event for every taste this summer, when well over half of the year's music festivals occur. Full Story
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