June 5th, 2004

In need of some help...

I checked all the memories and didn't really come across anything that could really help me. I"m hoping that some of you might be able to put in your two cents worth on this one. I will be moving two Seattle in two months for a new job. The guys at my new work haven't been all that helpful except telling me to stay around the Capital Hill/Downtown area. Closer to work and all. Is it safe for a single girl? Will it be easy meeting new friends so I may not have to spent the rest of my days known as that wacky cat lady :). Any help would be much appreciated. and I will take all opinions.

I'm sorry if this has been posted before by other people but I couldn't help but not find it in the memories section. Hope to hear back something soon.

If you don't feel like it here then you may always email me dallyyy@hotmail.com.

thank you in advance,

Landlord question:

If the landlord is going to send someone to "look at doors" in the apartment (at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, no less), isn't he supposed to call or send a notice that he will be coming by, in case I am not home??

I think so.

No one called, but someone came by, and when I didn't answer (I was on the phone and didn't know who he was), he tried to unlock my door and come in.

I think this is illegal.


Disappearing articles?

I hope this is appropriate & doesn't piss off the mod.

Am I being a blonde or did someone post info on a local gynacoligist accused of molestation? I wanted to read it & too lazy to o get a newspaper.

Could someone give me the link here or post a comment in my LJ?