June 4th, 2004


Seattle 'rentee' question?

I have a roommate who recently moved out and his last check bounced. He now owes me over $600.00 and is not making any attempt to pay me back. Small claims court maybe? I don't know the "renter/rentee" laws here so I kiss my money good by or do I have a fighting chance? Any suggestions or recommendations on getting my money back? Thanks in advance.
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Moving Sale

For Sale:

Childcraft crib, all beach (maple appearance) wood with Cherry color trim rail on top. Linen/storage drawer built in under crib. Converts to a toddler bed, then a twin frame (with additional mattress) Bought in 1999 for $500 Make me an offer. Delivery available if needed (we're in Sumner).


Evenflo stroller with detachable infant car seat and base. Move baby from car to stroller with only one latch to undo. Clean, in great shape, $50.

Will email photos to anyone interested. If you're interested email me at lj @ marianstuff dot com

More Before Sunset Madness 6/5 at Cinerama

I am looking for two (2) tickets to Before Sunsent on Saturday! With or without gala, I will pay you cash money for tickets!

I posted on Craigslist but have had no luck. If you have lots of tickets give them to lots of me!

Then I will be happy. I will be happy and when I am happy I glow slightly. This is not due to radiation poison. Please do not tell others this, it is untrue.
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(no subject)

I may be going to work in the Alderwood Mall soon. I'll be looking for a place nearby, and am wondering if anyone knows of any "good" or "bad" neighborhoods to look for or watch out for, high traffic areas, etc.
I'm looking at areas slightly south of Lynnwood, such as the Shoreline area, to be closer to Seattle. All opinions are welcome and appreciated.

(no subject)

help! i'm looking for a church to have our wedding in next year and there are a ton of churches in the seattle area so i need help narrowing down the list. if you know or attend a church with
* pretty stained glass
* enough seats for 230 people
* reasonable rates (read: less than $1,000)
* would allow us to bring our own pastor in

please let me know! i love catholic churches but we're not catholic so that's out. anything else is great. thanks in advance! my sanity and fiance appreciate it!
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An overly-specific question:

Have any females here ever gotten their hair cut by Hutch at the Hair Connection on Broadway?

He does a great job on my boyfriend's hair and claims to do women's hair, but there's a big difference between doing women's hair and doing it well. I'm inclined to go to him since he has been consistently great for my boyfriend, but I'd feel reassured if a female could recommend him.

Also, I know there are lots of hair-related posts in the memories section, but if anyone feels inclined to recommend their favorite hairdresser I wouldn't be mad :)

Free ticket to the first caller

Would anyone like a ticket to the 645pm (tonight) showing of “The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi” at the Cinerama as part of the Seattle International Film Festival that I paid $9 for a couple of weeks ago?
      It’s free to the first person that wants it. You’d have to come to where I work downtown to pick it up since I’m at work. I only have 1 ticket. Reply here, and I’ll hit you back with my address.

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