June 2nd, 2004


Need Some Organic Produce?

So I started ordering from Pioneer Organics last week and thought I'd have no problem feeding my two-person household--and I was right! I was SO right, in fact, that now I have an abundance of organic produce that needs to be used immediately.

-2 gallon-sized ziploc bags of spinach (I even washed the stuff, which is the most thankless job on earth)
-1 giant bundle of radishes (bleh, we are not radish people)
-1 giant head of romaine

With these powers combined, you could make a salad of herculean proportions. I'm somewhat near the U-District, if you're near my neighborhood I'll even bring them to you.
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More Things To Get Rid Of.

2 full cases of 3-hole punched copy paper. Let this be a warning to anyone who orders office supplies from Costco Business Delivery! They delivered the wrong item and refuse to take it back (no one in the office noticed until a few days later, and apparently that is just TOO LONG for Costco).

All offers considered, the more outlandish the better. (work is very boring today.)
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does anyone know of any place (bar, restaurant, etc. - preferably that allows minors) that's planning on televising this evening's Brazil/Argentina soccer game? It's on at 5:40 p.m. PDT and I think it's on pay-per-view.
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Cool art movie

Tonight I'm going to the Grand Illusion (50th and University Ave) to see Cremaster 5, one in a series of freakish movies made by crazy-assed artist Matthew Barney. I've seen two of the five, and have been haunted since by the bizarre images and juxtapositions they contained. I'm hitting the 9 PM show. Join me if you wish ... lemme know and I'll look for you in the cafe next door before the show starts.

Radiator badness! Recommendations for repairs?

My poor automobile has been overheating something fierce the past couple of days. After driving home during rush hour today with the heater full blast--which I totally recommend if you're looking for a good time--I discovered that fluid was bubbling out of a small section of my radiator. Gasp!

Anyone have a recommendation for a good radiator specialty shop, or maybe a mechanic that works on radiators in-house? I'd prefer to cut out the middle man, meaning I don't want to take the car someplace only to have them send the radiator out someplace else. The car is a '96 Acura Integra.

Your suggestions are greatly, thoroughly, and in all other ways appreciated.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what happened down by the Ferries around 4 pm? The only info I got from another guy who had passed by the incident about 3 minutes before was that he saw a very large cop chasing a hippie looking guy (thought he might be one of the homeless guys who hangs out down there) and maced him to the ground. Tons of cops were there and there was a Mercedes parked on the street right near the guy with a garbage can knocked over in front of it.

I can make my own guess that the guy threw the can at the car for some reason and then was chased down by the cops, but I was wondering if anyone had the "real" story.

Inquiring minds want to know. :-)
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Want to trade SIFF tickets?

I have two tickets for the SIFF movie Seven Days, Seven Nights. It's playing at Pacific Place on Friday June 11th. Something has come up and i was wondering if any of you would like to either trade tickets with another movie, or buy them off me. Let me know if you're interested. Details are as follows:
Seven Days, Seven Nights
CUBA, 2003, 106 minutes
Language: Spanish

News anchor Norma breaks down during a telecast. Dancer Nieves loses her day job and fails to land an audition. Maria's son disappears under mysterious circumstances. The lives of three women in Havana, Cuba, collide in this film about the pride and fragility of people on the cusp of change.
Original Name:Siete Días, Siete Noches
Other Producing Countries:France, Italy
Director: Joel Cano
Producer: Cyriac Auriol, Michel Reilhac, Rosanna Seregni
Editor: Adeline Yoyotte-Husson
Screenwriter: Joel Cano
Cinematographer: Joel Cano
Music: Joel Cano
Feature Film Debut
Principal Cast: Ingrid González, Xiomara Palacios, Orisel Gaspar, Eruadyé Muñiz, Ludmila Alonso Yodú