May 30th, 2004 Seattle Project

Hello All -

My name is Adrian, and I am headling a new campain as part of MOVEON.ORG

I'm guessing most people are familiar with, but if you are not, please take a moment to visit our website.

We are currently doing a print campaign that will be featured in magazines and newspapers nation wide. The general theme for this campaign is "Stand up against Bush"

The ad we are planing right now is a "protest" style ad. It's a little extreme, but we want it to be extreme to make a point.

We are currently searching for models to appear in the print ads. All models must sign a release form prior to the photoshoot.

....CALLING ALL GUTSY LADIES! How far would you go to protest bush being re-elected?
This is an extreme campaign, but it will definitely get some attention.

We are looking for female models that are willing to go head first into this project, and shave their heads for this print ad. If selected as a model, you will appear in a national campaign with a "working title" of "Bald Against Bush" (Not a final title, but it is the working title)

If you are willing to participate, you will recieve a small modeling honorarium for your contribution to this non-profit advertisment. Models will also recieve special recognition from

Here is your chance to be a part of political history. If you are interested in being featured in this campaign, please email: A recent photo (not required, but helpful) and a personal bio to:

Thank you, and please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know that may be interested.

- MoveOn Seattle Team

handyman needed - good at wallboard

I have a problem. A rental house I manage is being sold. The plumbers did a bunch of work on Friday that required opening a wall. What they left is too complex a situation for me to fix, and closing is on the 4th. I need either to have the work done by then or to have it arranged or at least to have it estimated out so money can be exchanged to cover it at closing. (The buyer's okay with this - nobody thought the plumbing problem was going to be quite so complex under there. It's another case of plumbing by squirrels.) Does anyone know someone - specifically, a professional - who does decent small wallboard jobs, preferably on short notice?

Reply here - thanks.
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virgin suicides

spread the word! this is for a GREAT CAUSE.

hey i'm putting on a benefit show in puyallup for all who are interested in attending... spread the word to your acquaintances please!

Hey Guys!
Please come help the United Way of Pierce County Youth Leadership Council BATTLE TEEN SUICIDE at our BENEFIT SHOW:
Friday, June 4th@ The Liberty Theater(116 W. Main St Puyallup)
7 pm
For $8 admission you get to see these cooool bands:
please please PLEASE come and fight this with us!
Here’s who you contact for more info:
trina@united way: (253)597-6685, (253)272-4263, or

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hey everyone, am writing a paper yada yada yada, was just wondering if anyone would be willing to answer soem Q's to broaden my perspective

1) if you frequent the seattle center house or international foutain, why so?

2) there are manu different types/goups of people who go to these places, whats your take on why there arent many incidences of conflict?

thanks in advance