May 28th, 2004


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Anyone know a good cheap carpet cleaning place (steam clean)? I'm moving and don't have time to clean them myself, but I also don't have loads of cash sitting around to toss at someone.


food needed

The cat isolation ICU ward is full and the kittens are coming in hourly, and our dog kennels are filling up.

If you can, please donate canned dog/cat food, KMR and Snuggle Safes. We need all the help we can
get. No donation is too small.

Seattle Animal shelter Located 2061 15th Avenue West, approximately 1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge.
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Books for sale

Ok, I have A LOT of books for sale. Cheap!

Prices are as follows:

Fiction-paperback $2, hardback $5
Nonfiction-priced as marked

Again, please make an offer. I might be cool and make it cheaper if you buy lots of books. :)

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does anyone have an old verizon cell phone they would be willing to sell, give, or trade me?

almost any kind would work except flip phones. !!!! please !!!

i can do some photography stuff for you maybe!!
Sea dragon

Circus Contraption was GREAT!

So I was planning on inviting people on this list to meet me to do things, but ... I kind of snuck out and did this on my own.

What did I do? I went to see Circus Contraption tonight at SandPoint. They do a kind of gothic/vaudeville/oompah circus thing, very Edward Gorey or Something Wicked This Way Comes. It was great, but I was surprised that it didn't entirely sell out. What does this mean? There is still room for you in the audience (if you're over 21). Be sure and make reservations as they sold out last Saturday. If you're tight for cash ... well, they need ushers (that's what I did tonight), tomorrow in fact. Contact mlf at u DOT washington DOT edu if you're interested. I had a great time (although I won't blather on any further about the show, I'll stick that in my own blog) and intend on going back when I can devote my full attention to the show instead of dealing with a fussy keg of Elysian Pale.
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