May 27th, 2004

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Do you vote for the person or the party?

The political parties have taken our politicians away from the people...

Do you know what is going to happen in September?

You are going to be locked into voting a straight party ticket in the primary election. Is that what you want? Personally, I would rather vote for the individual than the political party.

But the Washington State Grange is actually doing something about this abusive infringement on our individual freedoms.

check out this new radio ad:

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Sci Fi Theatresports Reminder

Tomorrow is Sci Fi Theatresports (Fast Paced Improvisational Comedy!) night at the Market Theater in Seattle's Pike Place Market.

At 21 years, Theatresports is Seattle's longest running show!

Every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday


MAY 28TH, 2004 - 10:30PM

Theatresports with a science-fiction twist! 
Special Sci Fi themed improv games!
Costumes get 2$ off the $10 admission.
special guest judge Gus Lopez - world renowned super collector and founder of The Star Wars Collectors Archive 

With special appearances by:

The Post Alley Stormtroopers
The IKV T'Mar (Klingons from Tacoma)
"Honor before glory, Duty before honor"

Special Prizes all night from sponsor

Click here for reservations and directions!

Hedgehog for sale

He's a cute little guy, not the friendliest, but with some effort, he probably could be friendly.

He's an albino, about 6 months old now. Still quilling. Eats a diet of special cat food and mealworms.

Hate to sell him, but with lots of college classes and trips coming up, I won't have time for him anymore and would like him to go to a good home.

$150 takes him, his wheel, his playpen, a bag of shavings for his bedding, and his igloo-plus the rest of the bag of catfood I have for him. I'm in Olympia, willing to meet anyone halfway who would like to buy him.

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Need a room in Seattle

I have a bright, hip young afro friend of mine who's needing a place to rent.

She has a job in Alaska that takes her there for 3 months, then she comes back for 2 months, and so on and so on. So generally, she'd be there like 4 months out of th year. So if you're yearning for someone to pay rent but not be there a whole lot, she's your gal.

Preferably someone who respects privacy, and is herb friendly. House or apartment, whatever.
I'll also post on craigslist. Please let me know if you are looking for a roommate, and I'll get the info to her =)
hop scotch

In need of a little help...

I dont know how much you peoples will be able to help me but, anyways... Im from Seattle but going to school for a little bit outside of yakima(BORING) but im about to leave here within the next couple weeks and come back to Seattle. The problem here is, i dont have a place to stay, a job over there, or a car. So... this is where i need help. Do you guys know of any CHEAP apartments for rent preferably around U-district, but im completely fine with anything from downtown, north. Next, anybody selling a smaller car (im really not picky on this subject as long as it gets good gas milage and isent gunna break down on me a quarter mile down he road). Yea thats all i think for now. Oh hey is anybody going to Folklife this weekend? Well, anyways, any suggestions you have on apartments or good places i can look to find one would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you
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double watts

don't know if this has made the rounds yet -
from a mailing list two days ago
contact info for the agency is or
additional contact info at:

Danny Stoltz Casting is looking for the following Stand Ins and Photo
Doubles for RING II. You can see photos of the following people on

“RACHEL” - Naomi Watts
5’4, 112 lbs, Blonde Hair
Works June 3-5 (3 days) in Seattle , June 8-19 (10 days) in Astoria

“AIDEN” - David Dorfman
4’2, 60 lbs, Dirty Blonde Hair
Works June 8-19 (10 days) in Astoria

“MAX” – Simon Baker
5’10, 170lbs, 40reg, 32/32 pants, Shirt M-L, Shoe 12
Works June 14-19 (5 days) in Astoria

The rate is $150/10 + overtime.
If you or anyone you know fits any of the above descriptions, please have
them e-mail a recent photo, current measurements and contact information
Please spread the word and forward this e-mail to anyone you know who may
be interested.
If you have already sent in pictures or come down for photos, you are
still being considered. You do not need to resubmit.

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does anyone know of a good place to take italian language classes? preferably a school where i could earn credits and transfer them into mine. my silly art school doesn't offer foreign languages.

New Night @ the Catwalk

Starting this Monday 5/31, I will be DJing the industry night at the Catwalk. I will be playing a variety of music, mostly 80's, synthpop and gothic/industrial . If you sling food or booze, your cover is free if you bring your food handler's card, your class 12/13 or a pay stub from your place of work. Everyone else is $3.00 (what a bargain!) 21+ w/id. We'll be opening at 9pm. More info as it becomes available.
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Going once, going twice!!!

102.5 KZOK Classic Rock Fest at the Gorge this Sunday, May 30th!

Featuring Peter Frampton, Styx, Blue Oyster Cult and Kansas.

I still have 4 tickets that I am desperate to be rid of. The box office is selling tix starting at $43, but I am asking $25 apiece (OBO). My sis is getting married this weekend, and my BF and I are both a bit broke, so we will not be able to go.

Please comment or Collapse ) if interested...

Being a fan of classic rock, I am disappointed that I cannot go, and would prefer the tickets to go to someone who is also a fan... Price is definitely negotiable. Sorry for the late notice!

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I'm moving to Portland in a couple of weeks and need to sell all of my excess stuff.

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I think that’s enough for now. If you don’t like the price of an item, make me an offer and you might be surprised. Comment or e-mail with offers.

I also have half a bottle of Absolut Vodka and half a bottle of Bacardi Superior Rum, free to the 21 person who gives me the best reason why I should give them free booze.

Crossposted like mad.
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I'm looking for somewhere in Seattle to buy old videogames (for Atari 2600, all Nintendo consoles, Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation). I know of the store on University way, but I haven't seen any others, and wouldn't even know where to start looking... Any suggestions? (I'm also looking for non-sports games, if that makes a difference.)

[Edit: NOT ebay. I know ebay has a lot of game listings, but I'm looking for actual stores to try.]