May 26th, 2004

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Cheap Hair Cuts

Anyone know of any places that don't charge an arm and leg for a 2 year old to get their hair cut? I would do it myself, but being as he is two and squirmy, I would rather leave it to a professional. But not at $17 for four snips. Thanks in advance.

Is your dog missing?

I was just walking home from SCCC and came across a lost dog. Looked like a small pitbull maybe. I tried to catch up to her/him, but she/he is pretty fast. She/he was heading up Denny Way and took a left on 13th Avenue. Did not know the command "come!" :)
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hey kids.

i'm moving to seattle and attending the art institute on july 12th, living in tacoma for a little over a month before hand.

i glanced through the memories and didn't find anything about this. in atlanta there is (or was.. i haven't heard anything about it in a while) a program called the needle exchange. some states it's done legally, others illegally. it essentially goes out into the city and in exchange for old needles from people, they give them clean ones as well as a "care package" of sorts. it's to help prevent the spread of disease through needles which in the end can affect anyone. so my question is, is there a program like this in seattle? it's a subject that's very close to my heart and i'd like to help with a program like it if it exists.
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Looking for a room this summer?

Come to Wallingford! One room open in a 6 bedroom house in July and August (June- half a month, free rent). Quiet neighborhood. On the busline to UW, Seattle, walking distance to the grocery store, parks. I've reduced the rent from 420 a month down to 360, utilities not included. Pets okay. Call Jessica at 206-547-0052. Here's a pictures of the house and my room (sorry some are sideways!):
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