May 25th, 2004

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seattle public central library photos

On Sunday afternoon I dropped by the grand opening of the new Seattle Central library.. It is without a doubt the most fantastic structure I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. I'd bet money it will soon become an international landmark to rival the space needle.

Words simply dont do it justice - you have to experience it to appreciate it. I took a bunch of photos and put the best of them online. Please take a virtual tour if you're so inclined.

seattle public central library gallery

moving to seattle

I am more than likely moving to Seattle towards the end of the Summer. I've been researching online, but I have a few questions...Where should I live? From what I've read, Capitol Hill and Belltown sound interesting. Also, does anyone know anything about lofts in Seattle? There isn't much info online about Seattle lofts. Do most of you drive, or is it possible to get around without a car?
I'd appreciate any help!

(no subject)

Hi, long time listener and first-time caller. Please forgive the borderline spamminess of this posting, but I'm looking for people to interview -- baristas, bartenders, shop owners, dancers, composers, artists, drag queens, jugglers, DJs, fish-tossers, public TV hosts, crazy-assed lefty radicals, proprietors of hot-dog stands, you name it -- for a relatively prominent local media website.

If you've got a cool or unusual job, are involved with a local musical/performance concern or consider yourself one of the great unsung heroes of Seattle's cultural community, I want to hear from you, promote your work and maybe ask you a few questions.

Email me at occulthand @ hotmail if you're interested.

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hey, does anyone know when p.u.s.a. and death cab for cutie are playing?..besides bumpershoot, there suppose to play somewhere else, but i dont know where or when, but i really wanna go!!!
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(no subject)

A while back someone asked a question in relation to hair color/cut. I can't remember what it was specifically, and there is nothing in the memories.

I'm looking to get my hair permed. I tend to color my hair often, and I have alot of it, so I'd like a place that knows what they are doing, and can talk with me about options, as well as talk me through the process.

Of course inexpensive is better, but this is my hair we're talking about, so I don't want some back alley job.

Sea dragon

Going out and doing stuff

Hi, all. I just joined yesterday at shadowdaddy's recommendation. He thought I might have something to contribute ...

OK, here's the deal. I go out ... a lot. Movies, theater, dance, strange art events, you name it, I'll probably go do it (about everything except for seeing bands play). I post stuff on my journal sort of as open invitations, but I don't get a lot of people taking me up on it (no doubt because I have a very small friends list). shadowdaddy said there might be people on this list who would be interested in going to these kinds of events, but don't want to go by themselves.

So the question is ... should I post things here, or should I just keep posting them on my blog? If most people say, "Just put them on your journal," I'll do that, and if you're interested in that kind of stuff feel free to add yourself. If, on the other hand, more people want to see things posted here, then I will make the effort to post stuff here instead. (As a third possibility, if this sounds like a completely asinine idea I'll just shelve it altogether.)

Be advised I tend to be very cost conscious. I go to the Crest for the $3 movies (all the time! - I'm willing to wait), I buy tickets to most plays at the half-price ticket booth (usually the one in the Broadway Market as the one at Pike Place Market can be a hassle to go to), I stick to seeing new movies Sunday-Thursday when my Landmark discount card is good. (I also have this quirk about seeing extra-old fashioned classical music, but I'll restrain from posting about that since as near as I can tell no one I know really gives a rat's ass about going to see it besides me.)

If you want more detail about what I'm interested in, I've been keeping a list of all my movies and all of my live arts events for this year ... look how much free time you have when you don't watch TV!
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Car Stereo Repair

Lately my car (Saab 9-3) stereo is behaving very oddly. It sounds more like just noise coming out of the speakers. Warranty on the car just expired in March :( Wondering if you guys have any suggestions where to go for such kind of things. I never had to deal with anything to do with car stereos. I guess Saab uses Clarion system. I could go to the Saab dealer, but just checking if there are any other cheaper, but good service places around.



Any Seattleites here know how to play euchre? I'm thinking of organizing some sort of tournament at a cafe or something. Or even just inviting people to meet at the same place to play.

P.S It's a card game, played by teams of two vs. two.
P.P.S. Pronounced Yew-ker

Hi, guys.

My name is Lori, and I'm from Kansas City. I've been lurking around here for the last several months, oogling free kittens, nice living spaces, and low-cost stuff.

I finally have an actual, genuine reason to post.

I'm going to be staying with a friend and her aunt in Poulsbo for almost the entire summer this year. I know only what I've read in various books (both fiction and non), seen in movies, and heard from my friend about the area. And the rumors that it rains almost every day and I'd better bring an umbrella.

I know one other person that lives in the Seattle area besides my friend.

I'm looking for groups of people that play Magic. Because Gen (my friend) doesn't, and I just learned and I'd like to keep in practice, or maybe even get better at it. That requires playing with other people.

This is where you come in. If any of you participate in any groups or hang out with someone who is in a group that plays Magic, and you're sure they won't mind a 17-year-old girl who can't even drive hanging around and asking bunches of questions about almost all of her cards, please please please say something to me.

Sorry for the awkwardness of the request, my mind is elsewhere at the moment.

Thanks in advance! (*prepares to check this post many many times*)
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is there anyone else out there that is just totally unimpressed by the new SeaPub Library? or am i the only one that thinks it could have been constructed to meet a better standard? i drive past the building everyday and its not that attractive also i went inside today for the first time and thought that inside it could be a little more attractive too. i mean there is a lot of wasted space inside for a building that takes up such a large area.


Don't damn me when I speak a piece of my mind cause silence isn't golden when I'm holding it inside cause I've been where I have been and I've seen what I have seen I put the pen to the paper cause it's all a part of me...

do not take this as my backing down from how i feel...

but since it seems that i have touched on a very strong subject with my dislike of the new central branch library gee i didnt think i would get this much opposition and so little support. in my original post about the library in my journal which can be found here i explain more of why i'm not a fan of the new building. while many people i know have compared and contrated the new library with the EMP there is one huge difference the EMP is a privately owned business and the SeaPub Library is a public building. i understand that this is the flagship branch of the system and it houses many many volumes and tons of resources and yes enough space for growth. there are many things that i find fundamentally wrong with the new building. one of which happens to be the wasted space of the atrium and the lack of lighting in many of the areas. personally i need a well lit space in order to read, write, study or do research.

and so you all dont think that i am this totally inept person there were things about the building i liked. but i would really hate to be the one that has to keep the windows clean. and when the first of the window sealls developes a leak and oh i know it will it'll be hell when trying to find the leak. and forget it if the leak can not be easily found and they need to hire someone to do a leak investigation that requires them to do a water test to find the leak. there are many flaws that i could see in the design and many more that i probably didnt see.

man do you gotta love the internet...
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Hair and Cars

I have two unrelated questions:

1. I made an appointment at Vain with Kendell (sp?) for Sunday. However, I forgot to get some key questions answered, and the line has been busy the last couple times I've tried calling back. The website is uninformative regarding pricing, so can anyone help me?
a. how much do haircuts usually run?
b. the consultation is free, do I need to bring in pictures? can I just say "do what you want?"
c. how much should I tip?

2. Secondly, I need to find an auto place which knows how to deal with audis that won't overcharge or rip me off. I looked in the memories section, but it wasn't very helpful for specific car types. I really want someplace where someone has taken their car to and the work was good quality and affordable (doesn't have to be cheap, I'm willing to pay for good service).

Thanks in advance!
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Tonight at the Vogue!! Clown College

As always, No Cover, $2 Rum and Cokes and the strangest mix of music you're likely to hear in this city.

As an added bonus: Tonight
If you're an old denizen of the Catwalk in its heyday, they you probably remember B, the huge tattooed, pierced, bearded bouncer who took extra special joy in taunting dresscode scofflaws.

Well, he's in town and said he'd be at Clown College tonight.

Granted, if you know B well enough to want to see him again, you also know he's an incredible flake.


Did anyone have a chance to attend the reading by Isabel Allende at the new library today? I'm kicking myself for not knowing about it sooner.

Also, anyone going to see John Kerry speak tomorrow?
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