May 24th, 2004

Renter's Rights

I live in a building which is on the Nat. Register of Historical Places in Seattle, but which allows residents to smoke. My neighbors downstairs chain smoke all night long (and are currently blasting music--I am going to kill them!). The smell seeps into our apartment so hardcore, whether are windows are open or not, that it smells as if we might as well be the ones chain smoking--no exageration.

Is there anything I can do about this? Don't you think a building on the historical register ought to have a no smoking policy.

Bang Bang

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My 4 week old kitten is hurt, we found him this morning with what we think to be a broken arm, he hasn't been doing good all morning and we need to take him to a vet. My Mom doesn't have a lot of money right now so we're trying to find a low cost vet in the area if possible. Does anyone know of any?
My lover.

Sorry, this is X-posted HxC-style

So, I just got a call from a friend, I'm leaving in two days.

Hey everyone, I'm Rybo. I'm an Orlando, Fl. resident. I'm leaving this town in 48 hours on a greyhound with my friend Brian, set to arrive in Seattle within a day or so. and we need somewhere to stay (for the 3 weeks to a month we'll be in town). I've heard about punkhouses from a friend of mine and she assures me I can find one through community posting.
Help me out here, I don't want to be wasting tons of money on shitty motels.
If anyone could get me any information on anywhere we can stay for a bit or if anyone wants to put me up for lodging personally, that rocks too, comment Plz.

AIM: HOTxSUICIDE Ask me details
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Okay, here we have two free things...must pick up, no delivery. Sorry.

First, we have a six foot tall, eggplant purple bookshelf. About 1 1/2 feet deep and 1 1/2 feet wide. The paint is coming off in some spots because I didn't let it dry all the way before I put books in it, but I DO HAVE TOUCH UP PAINT. Plus, you can get more made at home depot. FREE to a good home.

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Next we have a big print of an Italian Art Piece. I don't know much about it but it's in an all glass frame and weighs a ton. Very nice piece of art and the frame alone probably costs like $50. But you can have it for FREE!!!
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This stuff MUST GO BEFORE FRIDAY. E-mail for arrangements to pick up. And, I say this again. If I had a dollar for every hour I spent waiting for someone to show up only for them NOT to show up, I could go on vacation, so DO NOT E-MAIL ME unless you are SERIOUS about this stuff.

Thanks ;)

Also, anyone that wants to help us move Saturday-Tuesday, my girlfriend, yruugrrl, will be buying Pizza and Beer for all who help. I'll be out of town because my bipolar ass cannot stand chaos. :)

Do you rent an apt. in Seattle?

I saw a poster in Central Market for a TV show this weekend - there is a new reality TV show where people (they say couples) win their first home.
You need to rent an apartment and be in the Seattle area. Application is on the site. I wanted to apply, but my husband and I rent our home, and this is the home we plan to buy. The show's system is a bit different than that.

Good luck everyone!

(P.S. I'm new to the community - Hi!)