May 23rd, 2004

Jayden Layne

Peter Framton/Styx/Blue Oyster Cult/Kansas Tixxx!

Classic rock fans!? This is your opportunity! I have 4 tickets to the 102.5 KZOK Classic Rock Fest at the Gorge May 30th. Asking $25 apiece. Box office tickets are going for $43.60= buy all four and save $74.40! What a deal....

My sister has announced last-minute marriage plans for that weekend, so unfortunately we are unable to go. But we would prefer that the tickets go to others who enjoy these legendary artists, rather than go to waste! for show info/details. Gates at noon, show starts at 4pm. Sunday May 30th. Rain or shine.

Collapse ) if interested.

free desk

anyone here want a free wooden desk? all you have to do is come pick it up in the u district. i need to get rid of it soon, and it makes me sad to think of a perfectly good desk being turned into firewood or some such thing. let me know if your interested.


... until they're gone, to be exact!

1. 25-watt Squire Bass Guitar Amplifier
I gave the guitar to an aspiring musician a while back, but didn't have the amp at the time.It's been in storage for about 7 years, and honestly, I don't even know if it still works. The price is right, though!
Price: FREE

2. Two Almost New IKEA Denim-covered Air Chairs
Purchased 18 months ago from a gal who'd just moved and was looking to change the theme of her place a bit. I paid like $50 for them... they retail for about $85 apiece. They've sat in their boxes since I bought them... all original stuff (instructions, etc) still with them.
Price: FREE

Located off of I-405 and 160th. Drop me a line and come get it.

Stuff ISO Good Charity

I cleaned out my garage today and have a Nissan XTerra full of used clothes, shoes, and other useful stuff that I'd prefer to go directly to people that need it (versus to Good Will who'll just *sell* it).

I'd really prefer something on the East Side, and it's gotta be done tomorrow.

Jan 2 2010

Hi! - Moving to Seattle end of July/first of August

Hello...just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

I'm from Texas at the moment and leaving at end of july to venture up to Seattle.

I would love to know what kind of jobs are open up there and if anyone knows a good temp agency or company that might be hiring. If I can leave earlier I will - if there's something worth going for earlier.

I'm also looking for a place to stay.

I have seen this place on the internet and wanted some local input:

Thanks! Look forward to being in Seattle.

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I have a friend who's currently in the process of moving here from out of state. He's currently staying with a friend but will have to leave as of tomorrow or Tuesday because she's moving out of her apartment.

Anyway, he's been trying to find a place to stay, but there's sort of a catch-22 as far as apartments are concerned. He hasn't actually gotten a job yet though he's been applying places, and a lot of apartments require a steady income before approving applicants. (He wanted to focus on finding a place to stay first, before searching for a job.) He does have some savings, though, and would be able to pay a few months' rent at least while looking. He's also checked out a few rooms for rent but so far hasn't found any satisfactory ones.

Basically, this comes down to a question: Is anyone in here (or does anyone here know someone who is) currently looking for a roommate or could use one? He'd be able to split rent and such, since he does have some money, it's just the whole getting settled process that's not going very smoothly.

Thanks in advance...
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