May 22nd, 2004


One room is available in our four bedroom house in Lake Forest Park. It is a master bedroom on the main (upstairs) floor and it has its own (small) bathroom with a shower. Rent is $430 plus 1/4 utilities. Landlord pays for yard maintenance! Located less than 2 minutes from both I-5 and 522/Bothell Way/Lake City Way.

We all listen to metal (though tastes vary) and would like a roomate that listens to metal also. Anything from traditional, thrash, power, death, black or even hardcore metal. If you don't like metal than you have to at least not mind everyone else listening to metal!

We have washer/dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal....

Male or female may will be sharing the house with two males and one female.

Btw, we can also split internet cable (three ways!) if you buy a wireless thingy-ma-jiggy to install in your computer.

Available early June. Feel free to email me with any inquiries.



jeff at shadowdemon dot us

Musicians needed!

Virtually every Tuesday, the Vera Project holds free Yoga classes, Punk Rock Yoga. Part of the project is having live musicians come in and play while we Yoga-cise. Our teacher is in DESPARATE need for musicians to come play for the hour. This is a NON PAYING gig, but it's a worthy cause and it's only an hour out of your day once in a while and is a way to get your name out there.

In the past there have been guitarists, sax players, floutists, of music varies from folk, to techno, to tribal, etc...all styles welcome.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you in touch with Kimberlee.

Dangerous places ?

Hi everyone ,

I'm coming to Seattle (from Paris , France) in the beginning of july .
I'd like to know if , like in Paris , I should avoid being alone late at night in some areas of the city .
And if so , which ones !

Thanks in advance for your answers
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(no subject)

Do you have to get a special permit to perform music on street corners in Seattle? I play the flute and I've had people suggest to me that I play in Seattle sometime, while I probably won't do it this summer, it would be something fun to look into, perhaps I can even make a few bucks.
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Hot dogs?

We recently moved from the East Coast and have a craving for a really good steamed hot dog...not something you get from the grocery store obviously, but a chain or an independent stand! We live on Bainbridge Island, but the hubby works in Seattle and we do make occasional trips for fun into the city, but bonus points for something yummy in Kitsap County. ;-)

My husband said that he has been to Cyberdogs and it sucked.
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Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

They Might Be Giants are playing at Zoo Tunes at Woodland Park Zoo on August 11. Yeah it kinda sucks because it's a Wednesday, but you can always skip work/school/whatever. Anyhow, the tickets went on sale today for $19. You can either pick them up at the gate of the Zoo during normal business hours and incur no service charge or get them through any of the PCC markets for just a $2 service charge. I went to the PCC in Fremont and they still had lots of tickets. I'm done talking now.