May 20th, 2004


Evergreen Family Dental

In March I went to Evergreen on Cap Hill for a dental checkup and basic cleaning, which is covered under my insurance. The dentist to examined me, one of two in the office, advised me that I would need 8 major fillings and an extensive deep cleaning, that with the help of my insurance would set me back $500.00

I didn't have the money at the time to pay for it, but the dentist warned me if I didn't get it taken care of soon, I would need a crown, root canal or extractions because of the condition of my mouth. I left a little shaken, because I had heard nothing like this before from any other dentist I'd been to.

Fast forward to a week ago, when I heard that UW needing filling and cleaning patients for their board exam. Never one to turn down free medical care, I signed up for a screening.

I got back this morning. THEY told me that my teeth were in very good condition... so good that they could not use me for the board exam. At best, I needed 5 "preventive", shallow fillings, a basic cleaning and a fluoride wash. (total cost without any insurance help $300) Unfortunately, my insurance wouldn't cover the UW doing the work because they are out of Network.

They also told me that "In Network" places don't get the full amount back from the Insurance company for a basic cleaning, so unless they do additional work, they don't make much profit.

The moral of this story is Dentistry, like all the others, is a for-profit organization. Evergreen Family Dental's use of scare tactics and prescribing unnecessary procedures for profit is thoroughly unethical. I bet they're not alone. Make sure you're educated, and if you can get a second opinion before dropping a wad of cash, do so.

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Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Still looking for patients

The University of Washington is looking for patients to participate in the WREB Dental Board Examinations between June 17-19.

Free X-rays and Screening Exam.

Free Dentistry for Qualifying patients, including:

Amalgam/Composite-resin restorations (fillings), Periodontal Cleaning

If you would like to schedule a screening appts, they are being scheduled for Thursdays. Please call Shelley or Tammy at 206-685-2344

Apparently they are fairly desperate for patients. If you need any more info, let me know and I will ask and answer questions on your behalf.

EDITED TO ADD: According to Spazzychic they helped her figure out her regular dentist was trying to screw her.
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Tonight (5/20)

Looking for something to do? Check out Xentropic@ the Mercury! Trip hop/ambient & downtempo with DJs Nubby Krayon and Miss Flavio. Tasty beverages provided by Nick. $4.00, 21+ w/ID doors open at 9. We're located on Capitol Hill at 10th & Union under the Auto battery. See you there!

Baby Clothes

I just found out one of my old friends had a baby. You don't talk to somebody for a year, and boom! Baby. Anyways, I need help figuring out where I can find new, inexpensive baby clothes. He is 1 week old, so somewhere within that age bracket. Any help would be wonderful.