May 19th, 2004

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does anyone know if i can pay a parking ticket online? my room seems to have eaten the actual ticket and i need to pay it before i get slapped with a late charge. if anyone has the link, please share! thank you!

Metro rant

This morning I took the bus from W. Seattle into the city. At Royal Brougham the bus picked up someone who was babbling. The bus driver didn't tell the guy that that particular bus was a pay only bus through downtown (all the other drivers do mention it when people try to get on). At 2nd and unionish, the guy tried to get off the bus, still babbling. The bus driver told him that he had to pay. Argument ensued that he'd already paid. The driver said that he hadn't and named where he'd picked him up. The guy said something like "I think I left my money back here." and he goes through the back of the bus and starts babbling even louder while digging through the only thing he was carrying - a plastic bag with bits of paper in it. Finally, at 4th and Wall, the guy gets off the bus, leaving a card on the ticket swiping machine. He said "I owe you", rushing off the bus. The driver picks up the guys card as the guy is getting off the bus, flings it to the floor and says "Freaky shit!" loudly enough that I could hear it from my seat.

I called this into metro, who just ask for my name and number after listening to me without saying a word and then hung up. I wasn't really expecting an apology (I wasn't the one who needed one), but I hate that people think it's o.k. to treat other people like that. Would it have been different if I'd acted as shocked as I felt on the bus? Should I have not even bothered to call metro? Is it better just to keep your mouth shut and let people think that it's alright to do things like that? It seems like the more I ride the bus in Seattle, the more angry bus drivers I run across.
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a place for acoustic musicians?

i have a friend from oklahoma who i'm trying to get up here to maybe play a few shows, and he's willing to play anywhere.

i was just wondering if anyone knew of coffeeshops or places that book small acoustic musicians? thanks :)

(oh and it doesnt just have to be like SEATTLE. seattle and the surrounding areas works just as well!)
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mean people suck

So there were tons and tons of sirens in my neighborhood, and being a former journalist my ears perk up at the sound so I flipped over to the website that lists incidents as they come up in Seattle only to discover, to my somewhat deranged glee, that there was a "hazmat reduced" call mere blocks away from where I live! I wondered what had spilled, if there would be moonsuits, if there was maybe an infected monkey at large spreading ebola. I waited a bit for all the sirens to stop then traipsed over to the site to see what I could see.

Whole lotta nothing, that's what I could see. They had the whole street cordoned off with police tape (not surprising) and lots of ambulance and hazmat-y trucks in the street, but nothing going on.

So I asked the officer in the cruiser parked in front of the police tape what had happened.

His response: one of the neighbors had gotten a piece of hate mail with a lot of racist writings and there was white powder of an unknown origin on it.

There is no more glee when I hear things like that. It's not a natural disaster, it's not a man v. the elements, it's not something out of a movie, it's the worst kind of danger, pure unadulterated hatred for fellow human beings.

A man who was standing next to me said to me "What are people thinking?" I answered him "That's the problem. People aren't thinking."
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I moved to Seattle from Hawaii last Sept. (yes, for the weather <:), but just joined this list & thought I'd do a quick intro. Was wondering if anyone had been here: Embrace the Moon: School of Taijiquan & Qigong or knew of any good zazen centers (near Fremont, especially)
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Hi. I was was wondering if anyone knew of some cheap cars for sale?

I'm looking for the following:
- Must run.
- No more than $1,000 tops
- Has to be auto. I can't drive a stick.

Basically I'm looking for a small communter car for school and so I can get my license.

If anyone could direct me to a place that may also be able to help that would be great. Seatlle and surrounding areas like lynwood/everett/alderwood would be welcome too.
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Due to the rising gas prices, would getting an electric car or a hybrid would be more cost-effective? Or would it be better to wait for prices to go back down, I can wait awhile, but I might have to think about it ahead of time.
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