May 18th, 2004

Lost Dog

My neighbor lost her dog. I think on Capital Hill since
this is where she has flyered.

The dogs name is Shabear [ female ] , and is a sharpei mix [ brindle in color] she could be mis took as a pit bull mix.
She is probably around 50 pounds or so.

From what I've been told, she is VERY shy and sweet. She was adopted from a rescue organization. If you have any information or have seen this dog in the past few days, please call 425-269-1290.

Sorry I don't have a picture.
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(no subject)

This Friday, May 21st!!
It's in the Hub Auditorium on the UW campus. Cost is $5 for the general public and $3 for UW students. Show starts at 7:30 sharp, don't be late! You can even vote for your favorite band!

title or description

The show is a benefit for the University District Youth Center (UDYC).
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Job op in Seattle area

For small seattle apparel company.

Must have solid experience with the following:

-1st pattern and prototyping
-create and interpret patterns from sketches
-production based garment construction and pattern making
-knit and woven fabrics
-must be quick, accurate, reliable, and have excellent communication skills
-this is a 1099 contract position, and you will work from home. Must have own supplies

If you have your own pad system a plus, but not necessary.

Internship or lesser experience okay if you're the right person.

If interested please send relevant resume to
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ISO Crazy Navigator, Seattle --> Baltimore (August)

(a similar ad is posted to the Seattle Craigslist)

a) I may post updated versions of this missive as details of this trip firm up (and assuming that nothing crazy happens to cancel it); this is early warning as of 20040517.

b) The basic plot: I'm visiting family in The East this likely broiling summer, will get there by a prairie schooner / low-altitude aircraft manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries (an exemplar from the 1996 production run, codename "Outback," labeled with courageous optimism, or mindless industrial conformism, for the following year). Our course will be set from Seattle, Lush and Green, to the environs of Charm City -- Fairest Baltimore. I seek an unfastidious navigator / crewmember to serve snacks, spot turns (or terns, if we miss a few of the first), read maps, not complain, share donuts, etc. If you would like to reach any port conveniently nestled between this hither and that
yon, pray apply as directed below.Collapse )
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'Lo Seattlites

Is there a LJ community dealing specifically with renting and roommates? Houses/apts/rooms for rent in and around Seattle, roomates wanted/available, etc?

I've been looking on Craig's list for a new place and having no luck, so I thought I'd try LJ.

Any info is welcome!

kate spade glasses

i need some new specs. i've been looking online and the cutest frames i've found in my price range are kate spade. has anybody seen kate spade frames for sale in seattle? i would like to try them on before i buy.
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Anyone know any exciting birthday specials at restaurants etc around town? I know Todai has free food on your birthday... What about other places? Either on or around ones birthday. Its my birthday Sunday and I like free stuff :)
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I have 2 "fancy mice" (a "fancy" name for mice that aren't raised for ingestion by snakes) and a terrarium that I need to get rid of. The mice are healthy and clean but I cannot have them anymore. Their food costs about $5/month. If you're interested please contact me at and we'll work things out. :)

Final Birdie Update

Sunday night, we finally got the birdie to fly away, and he's okay now, happy to be free!

Here's a picture of the birdie, he has little tufts of feathers on his head that make him pretty much unmistakeable. I saw him come back to our house and feed in our feeders this morning.


car repair

i need to take my car in for some serious repairs. i have to get the muffler done, and a general tune up. i have never done this in seattle before so i have no idea where a trustworthy, decently inexpensive place would be. i live in the u district, right by the highway and would ideally like a place close so that i could bus home. anyone have any ideas?

Power Outtage on Broadway

So the power went down sometime, maybe an hour ago, when I was at Bill's Off Broadway (over drinks after an exam), and came back on just now as I was wandering QFC (thankful that I cook with gas). I checked the 911 incident log, and nothing. Someone shouted out a window at SCCC about a storm coming. Anyone know what's up?
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