May 17th, 2004


Science Fiction Improv!

Seattle's best improv company does Science Fiction!

C'mon, Klingons and Stormtroopers in costume? You gotta come. I'll post a reminder closer to the show date.

Theatresports Competitive Improv
Every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday


MAY 28TH, 2004 - 10:30PM
At the Market Theatre across from the Alibi Room at the Pike Place Market!

Theatresports with a science-fiction twist! 
Special Sci Fi themed improv games!
costumes get 2$ off admission
special guest judge Gus Lopez - world renowned super collector and founder of The Star Wars Collectors Archive 

With special appearances by:

The Post Alley Stormtroopers
The IKV T'Mar (Klingons from Tacoma)
"Honor before glory, Duty before honor"

Special Prizes all night from sponsor

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Well, Orange Badges at M$ are less of employees than Blue Badges. Just heard they are no longer providing bus passes for "non-employees," the only people who use them. Are Blues willing to lend a BMW, I wonder?

Fishing results, or lack thereof

Well, fishing was a bust, I'd say. Nobody (and there were many people there) caught a damn thing, including bait, which is notoriously easy to catch off piers. And I also forgot that crabbing season doesn't start until June 1st!!!!

For your viewing pleasure, I've chronolized my day trip for you.

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So, tomorrow I'm hitting Green Lake.

Anyone wanna come???
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Apparently a lot of people are pissed off at me for a large image I posted the other day without posting it behind a cut.

I'm very sorry for making any one angry. I thought I had scaled it down enough and since it was only one image I didn't feel it was necessary to go behind a cut.

I was informed today that I offended many and violated an unwritten rule that requires posts larger than 500px by width or length to be under lj cut.

Once again I apologize, I would have fixed the post myself but someone removed it before informing me.

Sewing Machine

I'm looking for a sewing machine, new or used.
Obviously I'm thrifty, so the less I have to shell out the better. I'm looking to buy it in the next couple of days, as my sewing urge might go away before that.

More important than cost is that it's not super old. I've got one of those sewing machines that collapse into a side table, complete with pedal. I bought it a couple months ago, but have never figured out how to work it. I'd be willing to trade it in for credit on a new(er) one, as it does in fact work.

I just want something under a hundred bucks I can use reliably to sew some simple patterns.


Edit I've checked Craigslist, with no luck. E-bay is out, as I want to look at it, purchase it, and take it home in the same day.