May 15th, 2004

hello, san francisco transplant to seattle

tacoma, that is.

i moved to wa in 1998 and still have not gotten out to see much of seattle. i miss san francisco a lot, with its easy commuting (bart and buses).

anyway, i'd like to take a vacation, but because of some serious health problems, i don't want to go far from home. i'm thinking i'd like to stay in seattle for a few days.


-i have problems walking very far because of the health issues
-i'm a vegetarian
-i love coffee
-i like art
-money is not much of an object
-i'd like to really get a taste of city life again

any ideas for a fun getaway in seattle? what area should i stay in that would be easy to travel around (public transport/driving/etc.) that would incorporate my interests?

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Question about the Gorge

OK, after having checked the website, I have a question for you folks:

Has anyone who has been out to the Gorge for a concert this year know whether they are allowing food of any sort to be brought in? It states on the website that they don't allow "soft or hard coolers" and only empty plastic containers, but I'm not sure if that means I can't stuff some sandwiches in my bag.

Thanks for the assistance!

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Birdie Update!

I ended up coinstarring the change in the house and getting enough to get a little cage for the birdie.

He didn't move at all for the first 12 hours, but he later did expand both wings so I was reassured that they were not broken.

He seemed to be more conscious at about 24 hours after the crash, so we took him outside. He wouldn't leave Jason's finger for the first 10 minutes so we tried to nudge him off. He spread his wings and flew straight into the house, trying to grab on to the siding. We caught him, waited about 10 more minutes and tried again, this time nosediving into our Japanese Maple.

Jason went over to him in the tree, stuck out his finger and the birdie crawled right back on. We decided that maybe he wasn't ready to fly away yet. We put him back in the cage, gave him some sugar water and changed his newspaper.

Hopefully he'll be ready to go out on his own tomorrow.

I just want to thank everyone for their advice, and also reiterate that I never had ANY desire to keep a wild bird as a pet, I just wanted to give him a place to recover from the shock without the kitties getting him.

Tech job postings

I maintain a mailing list of technical job postings, mostly computer related. I usually send out between 3 and 10 a day. If you would like to be added to my list, let me know--if you don't want to publish your e-address, send it to singingnettle at hotmail dot com.

One of my recruiter acquaintances is particularly looking for programmer writers for Microsoft, so if that is in your skill set, let me know.
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Kitty vet referrals...

My seven (yes, seven) cats and I are moving to Seattle this summer, so I need to find a new vet. I am moving into the U District, but am willing to drive to other parts of Seattle for appointments.

I definitely prefer a cats-only practice. So if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!