May 14th, 2004



This weekend ONLY, SEATTLE'S BEST PIZZA is having a LiveJournal Special. Heck, it's a LiveJournal BLOWOUT, cuz I got another job, and so I won't get to make or deliver pizzas anymore. If you live in Capitol Hill, and you love pizza, Collapse )

ORDER A PIZZA (or grinder or lasagna!). Say "LJ SPECIAL" and GET A FREE 2-LITER OF SODA. AND THEN GET A COLOR MINDMAP FOR FREE! See our online menu. LIVE THE DREAM!!! 322-6300!!!
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I'm looking for a good dry cleaner on Capitol Hill, I looked in the memories and found a post suggesting All Seasons, however, the only two reviews they have on CitySearch are TERRIBLE, mentioning horrible treatment, lost and damaged clothes, meh meh meh. Now I'm scared and I still need to find a dry cleaner, dammit! Any thoughts?


This is my ad from the Stranger;

BASSIST SEEKING OTHERS. Inspired by the Cure, DOLL, Hot Hot Heat, Imarobot, Interpol, YYY's, etc. You be under 30, serious and well equipped. Call anytime.. 425-772-8621 could probably also add bands like stellastarr* and Franz Ferdinand to the list. You get the idea. If you are interested, gimme a ring or reply or email or whatever.
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Stolen Scooter

Greetings, fellow Seattleites. This morning I woke up and looked out the window to find my scooter had been stolen. It's fairly distinctive, so if you should happen to see it anywhere, please call the police and report it. It's bright yellow with a custom black Hawaiian flower print. The seat and accent panels are grey.

The scooter was last seen on top of Queen Anne hill last night -- they took it sometime between 10pm last night and 8am this morning. Steering lock was on, so it could only have been pushed in a circle -- it's quite possible the scooter would have been picked up and loaded in a truck.

Thanks, everyone!
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Where's a good place to get a wax? As in, for a guy who needs his upper torso done. No I'm not embarrassed about it.

And is there anything going on tonight? I've got plans, but nonetheless it's a good question to ask.

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Anyone have a birdcage they'd be willing to part with?

A bird flew into our window today and we rescued it. He seems to be okay, and he's been kickin it with us for the last hour, just perching on a finger. We want to keep him, but we need a cage!

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As I was walking around on Capitol Hill the other day, I happened upon a new store. Stitches just opened two weeks ago and they're wonderful. They've got gorgeously hip fabrics, delicious yarns, neat notions, and tables in the back where you can come work on your projects if you don't have space at home (how cool is that?). I asked about classes and the owner said they might get started in a few weeks. Little did I know I'd get an email about it today. RAD!

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Hello all!

I recently adopted a 6 month old cat from a coworker of mine, who, unbeknowst to me when I received her, was pregnant. I returned home from a trip from Detroit in early April, only to find that I now have five cats in my charge, as opposed to just my Adeline.

The kittens are eating solid food and getting litter-trained, and I'm now trying to adopt them out, as I am moving at the end of the month, and have little time left to find homes for them. I'd rather not have to resort to turning them over to the humane society. They are all healthy and playful, not a distempered one in the bunch.

If you're interested in adopting one of these kittens, please email me at or IM me on AIM to greyseale.

Pictures of these adorable babies can be found at the following links.

One cute little movie of two are here:

Thanks for reading!

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Asian marrow donors needed!

KaileeA bone marrow drive inspired by adoptee Kailee Wells (pictured, right) will be held this Sunday, May 16th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the International District at the Chong Wa Building, 522 7th Ave. S. The drive is co-sponsored by Puget Sound Blood Center, our local branch of the National Marrow Donor Program, and Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington.

Donors must be between 18 and 60 years old. For additional information about this and other drives, please contact Puget Sound Blood Center at or (206) 292-1897 or 1-800-DONATE-1, x1897.

Asian and other minority donors are comparatively rare. Since the traits of a person's body tissue are inherited, people of the same ethnic origin are more likely to be a good match; consequently, it is harder for non-white folks to find a match when they're in need of a lifesaving marrow or blood stem cell transplant.
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About 3000 people are searching for a match on the NMDP at any given time. Please consider joining the national registry!
Seattle P-I story: "Overcoming a genetic gulf for adoptees"
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slightly OT - avatar cartoon icons

I've noticed several people here have customized lj icons that are cartoons representing themselves, aka avatars.. i have searched the memories section, and i have looked at individual users info pages/pic pages trying to gain information as to where these icons were created. google was not helpful either (maybe it will be once evan starts there!) so i am asking here.

where can i make these?
the icon in this entry is not what i am looking for. i used it as an example of "this is not it".

thanks in advance.

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